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  1. They do tell you. You just have to go to the player screen and it's displayed in the same place that injuries are always displayed on the player profile. I tend to leave on players who have upper body injuries and sub off players with leg injuries. If you wait a while, you tend to get soemthing in the player motivation screen also ("injured, but wants to stay on" or "hampered by injury" that should give you an indication of the seriousness of the event. And also of the character of your player.
  2. This is a really pointless post. Did you watch the games, and they seemed unrealistic in their play? Or have you just decided that a big team should never ever lose to a smaller team? Swansea have beaten, or come close to beating most of the top sides in the Premiership. And most of the top sides in the Premiership are better, or as good as Inter, these days. If they're sweeping Barcelona 5-0 at the Camp Nou, then complain.
  3. Two wins and two draws didn't really merit a team meeting. Wait until you have something really obvious to say, after a long winning/losing streak and then call a team meeting - so that you know they won't disagree with your praise/disappointment. In general, I save most of the interaction for when I'm more established in control of my team. Once your players like you, it's quite hard to do anything catastrophically wrong with team talks, private chats or likewise - even when you balls it up, they tend to get over it. It's at the beginning that you need to be careful.
  4. Jamie Carragher would be, I guess, a Limited Defender with a Cover role. Stopper is Vidic - i.e. happy to go in for a tackle slightly further up the pitch. Cover is Rio Ferdinand - not rushing into tackles as often, intercepting through balls when the ball gets past the stopper. Terry-Carvalho was another Stopper-Cover. Vermaelen often closes down higher up the pitch and Gallas/Koscielny used to cover for him (I don't really know how things are working now with Mertesacker in there). So you had it right the first time.
  5. FM10.3 - Regen system was good enough that you could play decades into the future - had my longest ever save. - ME was good enough that you could try out all sorts of tactics, I finally managed to successfully use a Libero, and I had my finest ever passing team And they haven't added any features since then that I've loved. I also have quite a lot of love for FM06 (IIRC - the years blur somewhat). Lebohang Mokoena and Benedict Vilakazi forming an outrageously effective strike partnership for me. Freddy Guarin as a great DM. Another great ME for creating good football.
  6. So far as I've heard: Something was broken so that every time you added a league, it added far, far more players than necessary. In addition, removing a league doesn't immediately get rid of any players (it just means they won't be replaced when they retire). So as soon as you added any league, even if you removed some at the same time, you ended up with a massive database that slowed down your savegame. And since the feature was mainly of use to people who couldn't load many leagues at once, because their computers weren't great, this completely wrecked the feature for much of its intended audience.
  7. Much like with the pop-up you get when a player gets a green injury icon, it'd be good if there was one that you could click to set a hat-trick chasing player as your penalty taker. Or just a tick box in team settings.
  8. Are you talking about "direct" as in the urgency with which one moves the football forward? Because that's not dictated on the passing slider. Short passing can be "direct" in that sense - as in Arsenal on a flowing, speedy counter-attack, filled with short attacking passes, but not direct as in Route-one football, as supposedly played (according to Wenger) by Aston Villa and Stoke. Note that if you put the team passing slider up to the max, it goes past "direct" and is described as "long" Direct passing, sort of, means long passing. If you put your defenders on direct passing they'll often skip out your midfield and go direct to your attackers. Which is, I assume, what you want. It is possible, however, to have midfielders with direct passing who don't hoof the ball long - they just have the freedom to spray the ball around the park ala Scholes, or any other deep-lying passing midfielder.
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