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  1. Any chance this will be extended in the next version? This is the only thing stopping me going over to the handheld version.
  2. Hi, how and where can you delete scout reports?
  3. Hi, can someone please give me the link to instructions to play offline, thanks.
  4. How are the transfers in your long saves. Ive only played up to 5 years and Man City don't seem to spend much. Year 1- 50mil Year 2- 0 Year 3- 0 Year 4- 30mil Year 5- 30mil Liverpool outspent City by about 70 mil. Surely City should spend more, not realistic!
  5. So does that mean there are more transfers in countries you dont select rather than viewonly leagues?
  6. Tutoring

    Why am I getting only about ten players that i can tutor with xavi,surely should be able to tutor any of my young players in the same position.
  7. Tutoring

    When I try to set up 4 of my youths on tutoring, i goto xavi for example click on tutoring but only brings about ten people to tutor, even with the same position as my youth players, am i missing something. Also is it really worth tutoring players, i have only 4 good youths at barca but if you have a lot of youths is it worth going to each one and tutor each one?
  8. amount of staff

    Ive now got 4 coaches and 2 for the rest, the most i can make with new coaches at barcelona is about 3 and a half star for each one, is that enough?
  9. Just wondering how many staff is needed for a top club. I have 2 staff for each job, do i need any more than that?
  10. Just wondering if it is worth paying a high team bonus, i'm managing Barcelona, wondering how much money difference you have to pay from normal bonus to high bonus.
  11. What would be good is if you could see top 10 teams of the fa cup and how many fa cups each has won on one screen. Not sure if it is in the game now, couldnt find it, would be interesting to see.
  12. No matter whether i play him in attmid.cen, or midcen, Iniesta cant get above 7.00 average rating. I play 4312 with default tactics. Also he doesnt score any goals. Please help.
  13. deleting kits

    Hi, how do you delete all kits that come with the game?
  14. Deleting kits

    So how do you delete just the kits?
  15. Deleting kits

    The ones that come with the game.