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  1. I concur, Updated my Mac last night and today I have awful lag in both the UI and the Match Screen. I have turned off the Retina Display settings and it does reduce the stutter but it doesnt get rid of it completely either.
  2. I am managing KRC Genk in Belgium, its just come up to the November International Break and I have a league game slap bang in the middle of it, I have 15 players out on duty and there is no way to postpone the match. this must be a bug? I have attached Screenshots
  3. I play on a network game, the host is on Windows so I assume I won’t be able to connect to him if I install this beta patch?
  4. Same for me, using iMAC Mac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Mid 2015) Awful stuttering since the update.
  5. I wouldn't antagonise her, her Work Rate is 20.
  6. I signed him for 300k in my Swindon game, I play him as a target man but running onto the ball with him steaming down the left and cutting in, works a treat! Played 40 games this season and he's scored 30 goals with 11 assists.
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