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  1. Makonnen

    FM13 for Mac Suddenly Not Loading

    Any other advice here?
  2. Makonnen

    FM13 for Mac Suddenly Not Loading

    Surprisingly to me (but, perhaps, not to you), FM12 launches without issue.
  3. Makonnen

    FM13 for Mac Suddenly Not Loading

    Checking, I think (confession: am doing tech support for a friend) he has FM12, will update with that. In the meantime, is there anything on the Mac side like the various compatibility options on a PC?
  4. Game spins at the loading screen (the one with the multiple languages). More detail: * FM was working fine on this MacBook 3 months ago. Since then, some software updates have occurred, not much else. * The early screens (the logo, the credits screen) load fine and at a reasonable speed. * Behavior is the same in safe mode. This should eliminate things like AV software, other utilities. But, just to be safe, have disabled/uninstalled all antivirus type software, no change. * Have removed the caches folders, no change. * Have uninstalled and reinstalled, no change. HELP?
  5. Annnnnd ... revalidated files via Steam, and all seems good with the world once again. So, if this happens to you, do that!
  6. Long running game, lots of customization, but no prior issues. My laptop updated to the Fall Creator Update this morning, now, clicking any "operational" button (for example, *Hold Coaches Meeting*) generates a crash. One is attached (I have many more). Any notions? fm_359652_crash_2017_11_1T15_4_14C0.mdmp
  7. Makonnen

    FMS FM Thread - Traditional Play

    The only thing missing is the full quote of then he can bloody well leave.
  8. Makonnen

    FMS FM Thread - Traditional Play

    This sure sounds like Rob
  9. Makonnen

    FMS FM Thread - Traditional Play

    Into the 'Pool!
  10. Makonnen

    Fifteen to One - A quest to be the best

    This was a great idea, thanks for it!
  11. Makonnen

    FMS FM Thread - Traditional Play

    Been a while over here. Taking a writing class and the net impact of that is the 5m1w writing has been slowed. But gameplay has not. And, DAL GOTS A NEW JOB!
  12. Makonnen

    Fifteen to One - A quest to be the best

    And soon to be three ...
  13. Makonnen

    Blood Orange [5m1w: Levi McKinnon]

    April 3, 2013 Houston Dynamo @ DC United, MLS Houston 2 (Oscar Boniek Garcia 49; Brian Ching 80) – DC United 2 (Rafael 61; Casey Townsend 73) DynaBest: Oscar Boniek Garcia April 6, 2013 Houston Dynamo @ Montreal Impact, MLS Montreal 2 (Marco Di Vaio 12 50p) – Houston 0 DynaBest: Ricardo Clark April 13, 2013 Philadelphia Union @ Houston Dynamo, MLS Houston 1 (Brian Ching 37) – Philadelphia 0 DynaBest: Brian Ching April 3, 2013 Houston Dynamo @ Montreal Impact, MLS Montreal 2 (Marco Di Vaio 1; Andrea Pisanu 69) – Houston 1 (Brad Davis 44) DynaBest: Brad Davis April 27, 2013 San Jose Earthquake @ Houston Dynamo, MLS Houston 3 (Oscar Boniek Garcia 7 16 52p) – San Jose 0 DynaBest: Oscar Boniek García # # # League Position: 4th of 10, 6 points behind New England. League & Overall Goals: Oscar Boniek Garcia (4); Assists: Sachin Tendulkar (3); Rating: Boniek Garcia (7.70) # # # Welcome to the latest installation of treading water. This is a good squad, and McKinnon is getting them to play an exciting brand of soccer–two forwards, two wide attackers, all built on a defensive trio anchored by the exceedingly stable and versatile Ricardo Clark. But the results are inconsistent, and if Levi never sees Marco Di Vaio again, he’d be fine with that. He knows his defense is weak, but Julian won’t return his messages. He could really use the Comets’ old defensive coach. Not to mention his best friend.
  14. Makonnen

    Fifteen to One - A quest to be the best

    Interesting how this is turning out to be as much a BoardPatienceRoulette as anything else. BenArsenal probably did a better job with Norwich than I'm doing with Middlesbrough ...
  15. Makonnen

    A Chelsea Outing [5m1w: Danyil Oranje]

    March 5, 2013 Dynamo Kyiv @ Chelsea, EURO Cup Chelsea 2 (Romelu Lukaku 45p; Eden Hazard 55) – Dynamo Kyiv 1 (Admir Mehmedi 82) Blues’ Best: Eden Hazard March 9, 2013 Chelsea @ Cardiff, FA Cup Cardiff 1 (Don Cowie 71) – Chelsea 0 Blues’ Best: Branislav Ivanovic March 16, 2013 West Ham @ Chelsea, EPL Chelsea 1 (Branislav Ivanovic 50) – West Ham 1 (Marouane Chamakh 40) Blues’ Best: Branislav Ivanovic March 19, 2013 Chelsea @ Wigan, EPL Chelsea 1 (Victor Moses 81) – Wigan 0 Blues’ Best: Oriol Romeu & Victor Moses March 21, 2013 Leigh hated press conferences. The lights, the attention, the fear she would say the wrong thing at the wrong moment. She felt nauseous as she waited for Melanie to tell her everything was ready, and wished Jessica were here instead. Melanie’s face was always slightly pinched, her eyebrows drawn together in a constant expression of small disapproval. Every time their eyes met, Leigh’s stomach tightened slightly, and Melanie’s thin smile of reassurance only set the butterflies fluttering further. She scratched at the label of the water bottle with a fingernail, caught herself, stopped. She stared at the ragged edge of the label, and feeling a flush creep up her neck, cursed silently to herself. Leigh? It was the second time Melanie had said her name. They’re ready for you. Leigh flashed a quick smile and walked into the small room, squinting against the lights. She walked up the metal steps and sat down on the ancient folding chair, the Chelsea logo barely visible after years of use. She carefully set the water bottle down so the torn side faced away from the sea of reporters. Melanie waited in front of the stage for another smile, her hands clasped in front of her, and when it came, she began to point at reporters, one by one. How’s the injury, Leigh? It’s fine. I’ve been training at full speed for a week now. All good. Any worries it will be an ongoing issue? Leigh shook her head. None at all. It was just a freak thing. We’ve added like some different stretches to my warmup, it’s all good. Another voice took over, this one deeper, almost a growl. How long do you think you’ll have to wait before playing with the first team? Leigh sighed to herself. They had prepped this question endlessly. I play with the first team almost every day. Beyond that, it’s up to Coach. Whenever they need me, I’ll be ready. So you think you’re ready now? Like, physically? There was silence for a moment, as the reporters were unsure if she was asking a question or not. Physically, emotionally. Everything. Do you really think you’re ready for the … The deep voice continued after a slight pause … rigors of the league? Leigh heard Jessica’s voice in her head. There are words you need to be careful of, Leigh. Words like rigor, physicality, emotional stability. They’re code for things that you’ve fought against all your life, but when you hear them, you have to just go lightly. Don’t be afraid to not answer a question–they aren’t really asking you anything, they’re fishing for a headline. She reached for the bottle, smoothing the dangling tear along the bottle with her finger as she lifted it to her mouth. That was another thing Jessica had taught her, how to delay and pause before she answered. I’m ready was all she said, staring out into the sea of lights. I’m ready. March 27, 2013 It’s really for the best, Jessica. Really. Jessica counted slowly to herself, moving the headset mic away from her mouth so her slow exhale went unheard. Her hands were tied, and she knew her frustration was a bit misplaced. It wasn’t Danyil’s fault that the American federation had called Leigh into the USA U20 squad. She calmed her voice as best she could. So, when? The Irishman. What’s his name? Langford? He said she would be back on the fifteenth. Yes. Maybe not until that Wednesday. The seventeenth. So … Danyil’s voice was slow and measured, each sentence a harsh requirement. So, if she’s back. If she’s ready. If she’s healthy. This time Jessica couldn’t prevent her voice from straining. Yes, yes. If all of that is true. It was Danyil’s turn to take a deep breath. The twentieth. At home. Everton. And if not, then the twenty-seventh. Jessica smiled cautiously. You sure? You want to give me time to change my mind? She laughed. No. I don’t. OK. I’ll get with Melanie. Again. But we’re doing it for real this time. One month. March 31, 2013 Chelsea @ Liverpool, EPL Chelsea 0 - Liverpool 0 Blues’ Best: John Terry # # # League Position: 4th of 20, 13 points behind Tottenham (1 point ahead of Manchester United, behind Everton and Liverpool). League Goals: Eden Hazard (11); Assists: Leighton Baines (7); Rating: Hazard (7.67) Overall Goals: Hazard (22); Assists: Hazard (17); Rating: Hazard (7.84) Lost in a lackluster stretch is the massive year being racked up by Eden Hazard, who is almost single-handedly keeping Chelsea alive in the race for a Champion’s League slot for next year. Winning the league would take a massive push, and the defeat to Cardiff was quite a shock. So, it is up to the squad to hold on to 4th (or improve on it) or qualify through the EURO Cup, in which they are still alive.