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  1. It's been a life, but on the whole, pretty fantastic. I have a friend who says, when I die, I want to come back as me. (meaning, himself), which I think is a state we should all aspire towards. I'm not yet in that category, but the trendline is good. Tina Powell, Zlo Dave, Copper Horse, and Rob Ridgway have all had semi-interesting lives in the 5m1w world. Any of those characters/people/peopleCharacters still around?
  2. So, um, hello. It's only been something like 4 years ... {looks around} ... seems like someone freshened the place up a bit. I have been playing 5m1w ever since then. And I dreadfully miss writing it. I have fleshed out a fair number of posts to restart that process. I think I have enough to commit to some significant content, so I'm wondering if I should start new threads or revive the very, very ancient ones? And, have any of the rules changed in terms of links to external sites and the like?
  3. Surprisingly to me (but, perhaps, not to you), FM12 launches without issue.
  4. Checking, I think (confession: am doing tech support for a friend) he has FM12, will update with that. In the meantime, is there anything on the Mac side like the various compatibility options on a PC?
  5. Game spins at the loading screen (the one with the multiple languages). More detail: * FM was working fine on this MacBook 3 months ago. Since then, some software updates have occurred, not much else. * The early screens (the logo, the credits screen) load fine and at a reasonable speed. * Behavior is the same in safe mode. This should eliminate things like AV software, other utilities. But, just to be safe, have disabled/uninstalled all antivirus type software, no change. * Have removed the caches folders, no change. * Have uninstalled and reinstalled, no change.
  6. Annnnnd ... revalidated files via Steam, and all seems good with the world once again. So, if this happens to you, do that!
  7. Long running game, lots of customization, but no prior issues. My laptop updated to the Fall Creator Update this morning, now, clicking any "operational" button (for example, *Hold Coaches Meeting*) generates a crash. One is attached (I have many more). Any notions? fm_359652_crash_2017_11_1T15_4_14C0.mdmp
  8. Cache validation via Steam solved it, yeah, should have tried that first ...
  9. A fairly extensive Win10 update was delivered today; now when I try to run FM13 (via Steam), it crashes immediately. Wanted to see if this was a "known issue," or if uploading the dump file would be of use? Any info on how to fix, or ETA, or is FM13 too old to warrant attention?
  10. Ah, yeah, that option merges a file into the database. I was looking for a way to merge two files together.
  11. Updating this in case future searchers find it: if a league is not playable, custom awards seem not to appear. I don't know if this is intentional or a bug, but I had set several leagues to VIEW ONLY to speed up testing, once I returned them to PLAYABLE, the awards showed again. Also, @krlenjushka, if you are saying there *is* a way to merge files, would love to know what it is.
  12. It looks like I have an issue where awards in one file are colliding with awards in another. If I only load one of the fmf files, I get the awards from it; if I load the other (which is really an entirely new competition plus its own awards), I get those. Is there a way to merge the two, so I don't have to recreate all of the generic awards in the file with the new competition in it?
  13. I AM SO HAPPY TO BE WRONG!!! You can edit nationality (and DOB) if you go to OVERVIEW ... ATTRIBUTES. Just not from the "main" player info screen.
  14. I am betting this is correct: I went to a totally regen world, and those records disappeared as well.
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