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  1. Annnnnd ... revalidated files via Steam, and all seems good with the world once again. So, if this happens to you, do that!
  2. Long running game, lots of customization, but no prior issues. My laptop updated to the Fall Creator Update this morning, now, clicking any "operational" button (for example, *Hold Coaches Meeting*) generates a crash. One is attached (I have many more). Any notions? fm_359652_crash_2017_11_1T15_4_14C0.mdmp
  3. Cache validation via Steam solved it, yeah, should have tried that first ...
  4. A fairly extensive Win10 update was delivered today; now when I try to run FM13 (via Steam), it crashes immediately. Wanted to see if this was a "known issue," or if uploading the dump file would be of use? Any info on how to fix, or ETA, or is FM13 too old to warrant attention?
  5. Merging FMF Files (Awards Issue)

    Ah, yeah, that option merges a file into the database. I was looking for a way to merge two files together.
  6. Merging FMF Files (Awards Issue)

    Updating this in case future searchers find it: if a league is not playable, custom awards seem not to appear. I don't know if this is intentional or a bug, but I had set several leagues to VIEW ONLY to speed up testing, once I returned them to PLAYABLE, the awards showed again. Also, @krlenjushka, if you are saying there *is* a way to merge files, would love to know what it is.
  7. It looks like I have an issue where awards in one file are colliding with awards in another. If I only load one of the fmf files, I get the awards from it; if I load the other (which is really an entirely new competition plus its own awards), I get those. Is there a way to merge the two, so I don't have to recreate all of the generic awards in the file with the new competition in it?
  8. IGE - Nationalities

    I AM SO HAPPY TO BE WRONG!!! You can edit nationality (and DOB) if you go to OVERVIEW ... ATTRIBUTES. Just not from the "main" player info screen.
  9. Removing Club Records

    I am betting this is correct: I went to a totally regen world, and those records disappeared as well.
  10. IGE - Nationalities

    This seems not to be the case currently: you click the flag, and you are taken to the country screen for that country. Too bad.
  11. IGE - Nationalities

    Looking for confirmation here. You can add a nationality, but you cannot change a nationality, correct?
  12. Removing Club Records

    A follow-up note and question on this. Going team by team seems to work for everything except​ the all time appearances and scoring records. Anyone know how to reset these as well?
  13. Am trying to run a project for a bunch of years in order to evaluate and tweak the impact of the financial rewards. However, if I'm not employed, I can't (figure out how to) see the financial detail for a team. So, two questions, either of which would work * How can I see that for teams I do not manage. * Is there a way to make sure I cannot be fired? I have a memory of that being allowed either through the PGE or the IGE (I have not yet purchased the IGE, but would if this is confirmed as an option in there).
  14. Anyone know of a way to set this? I tried to do the same thing you do for the game (STEAM Properties, set launch options), but no go. Can't even create a shortcut, because the LOAD DATA dialog only shows .fmf files. Driving me nuts having to click 8 times each time I want to save/edit file ...
  15. Removing Club Records

    Other than going club by club, record by record, is there any way to easily "reset/remove" the club record? For a project, I want all club records to be undone, so they can be filled by the players in the project.