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  1. You needed to sign him on a longer contract initially, or in this case - take that as a lesson, if you're a low rep team and get a good player/regen then you need to sign them down for as long as possible because chances are they will perform well and attract attention from bigger/higher rep clubs.
  2. Premiership Clan 2014

    you didn't welcome davie though lol
  3. PGC: Going Dutch for FM14

    Manager: Tushant Club: VVV-Venlo League: Eerste Divisie It's been quite an interesting start to this clan year - I took over VVV and find myself in 3rd place after a decent start. There is still quite a lot of the season left to play for, and only 1 automatic play-off position remaining, but if I can continue to perform how I have done so far I should be in the play-offs. Below are the transfers I have made so far during the 1st summer and January: As you can see, I had no money to actually buy players - I started off with about £1mil but negligible wage budget, and therefore had to balance my budget in order to be able to loan/get players on a free. Low team reputation, low funds and a low manager rep hasn't helped at all, but let's see if I can manage something with what I have put together. My media prediction is 4th, which I am hoping to make - though I am having second thoughts about promotion to the Eredivisie. The quality in that division is on a completely different level, and I'm wondering if it's better to wait another season, get in some more players, maximise team cohesion before mounting a challenge.
  4. I find it funny how so many people are defending the fact that Demo is going to be released close to release - updating a demo is a piece of cake on the Steam platform, I can understand before, when FM wasn't on steam why SI would want to make it as close to stable as possible, but on steam updating your work is a lot easier (I say this from experience). As for Beta, it does serve a different purpose to the Demo, since if you have the Beta you already decided to buy the game and have it, whilst a Demo is for people who are still undecided. That doesn't mean I don't agree with the users who wanted some time to play the game before release.
  5. You can try beta without buying the game?
  6. The Mongrels Clan

    Manager: Tushant Club: SC Freiburg League: Bundesliga Season Overview Had an ok season, won the league title but didn't get any other trophies. Lost 2-1 to PSG in the first knockout stage and lost 1-0 to Hertha in the Cup. As it stands, my team is weaker than it was last season as I've had to sell players once again and have only brought in one midfielder. I'll be looking to work with the team I have left and try to push on to win more trophies. The Other Noobs Stu/Koln - Had a great season, expect him to be top 2 next season. Sean/Hannover - Took over the team and finally made use of the amazing talent in the squad. None-the-less, was a surprise he got it all working so quickly, and he's my Manager of the Season. Expect him to be top 4 next season. Steve/Hertha - Was leading the league at many points of the season but lost out due to some unfortunate losses. Reaching the CL final is quite an achievement, but some may say not a true measure of a team's quality, but beating PSG (arguably the best team in this save) over 2 legs is a top top achievement. Expect him to be top 2 next season. Jamie/Gladbach - One of the newer managers to the clan. Has done really well to bring the team back to where it belongs. Expect him to be top 5 next season. Oli/Leverkusen - Did not have a good season. Won the CL, but did worse than expected in the League and other tournaments. Has an amazing team and going by the transfers he's made so far, will be expecting a top 4 finish for him next season. Fred/Schalke - Came back after a brief break (ragequit ) and has handled the pressure well at the team. In my opinion the team shouldn't be anywhere near where it is, they have some good youth but compared to the rest of the top sides his current squad did not have the quality. Really good manager and I expect him to be top 5 next season. Joe/Kaiserslautern - Had second season blues. Did extremely well last season but lost some steam this. He has a really good side and should have performed a lot better. He sold yet another player to Hertha this off-season and I'm not sure he will break into the top 5. Should be comfortably mid-table next season. Mike/HSV - Should be performing better with the team he has. Mid-table next season. Will/Werder Bremen - Team does well when his assistant plays. He has good players and a surprisingly good group of youth. Could be doing a lot better. Expect him to be bottom half of the table next season. Davie/Dortmund - How he manages to underperform with top sides is a mystery for the ages. Now has Frankfurt who probably aren't as good as they were a few seasons ago, and will find it tough in this league. Expect a bottom-half finish next season. Andy/Mainz - Has not performed to the level expected of his team. Mainz has a good squad, and he needs to utilise them properly to achieve the teams potential. Expect mid-table next season. Adi/Aachen - Newest addition to the clan. At a big disadvantage since he has probably the weakest human team here. Did ok with what he had. Now has Bayern Munich who are in 2B. Should run away with the league. Paul/Saarbrucken - Took over a team that did extremely well last season, but failed miserably this season. Has taken over Nuremberg who should be better than his old team, but will still find it tough going in this league. Expect bottom-half finish next season.
  7. The Mongrels Clan

    Manager: Tushant Club: SC Freiburg League: Bundesliga Season Overview Turned out to be a pretty decent season overall, won the league overcoming the monsters that are Hertha and Koln. The season was decided on the final day with a game against Hannover. Considering the fact that my team (as well as most others in the Clan) is extremely short on quality compared to the 2 mentioned above, it was a pleasant surprise to beat Steve/Stus to the gong Achievements Getting the league title is good and all (especially with a team like Freiburg), but the real achievements for me were the following: I am currently the only manager in the Clan with the team originally chosen at the beginning! I haven't always had a good season, but have managed to maintain an above expectation standing at the end of each season therefore entering Icon status with the team. I am also the first manager in the Clan to reach World Class reputation! Expectation I'm pretty sure the next season will be extremely tough. Hertha/Koln have reinforced their teams further with the endless supplies of cash they have, whilst I have had to sell 3 of my best young prospects (who played 1st team football for me) in order to try and get some players in. Getting a top half finish will be very good, anything above/better than that will be a surprise. A Few Words about the Others Steve/Hertha - Possibly has the best team in the clan. Highest value team (900+mil). Somehow has managed to get the largest stadium, as well as maxing out all his facilities and as result gets 5* regens every year. Did well and expect him to be top 2 next season. Top 2 financial power-wise. Stu/Koln - Came into an already good team with good regens/facilities. Built on those players and did extremely well the last few seasons. Has the 2nd best team in the Clan in my opinion, and as with Hertha, has the best regens every year. Also the top 2 financial power-wise. Expect him to be top 2 next season. Oli/Leverkusen - Took over from Davie, and though he will say that the team was terrible I think that's just an attempt to alleviate the pressure on them to do well every season. I agree that their previous manager had pretty much ruined them financially, but their top facilities coupled with already acquired regens meant that it was only a matter of time before he was once again a top team (that they should be). Had a very good season and came in 4th, getting Champions League football finally. I expect a top 5 finish for him next season. Joe/Kaiserslautern - Took over from Jimmy and has been the best manager this season for me. Yes he had a good team to begin with, but they had been underperforming immensely since the beginning and till about January/February they were top of the league, and that just shows what a difference a good manager makes to a team (no offense Jimmy :o ). I expect top 5 finish for him next season. Davie/Dortmund - Here's the thing with Davie; He takes over a team, does well with them that season and then gets sacked/quits to take over another team the next, and in the process of doing so pretty much ruins his previous team. He did really well to get Dortmund where they are this season because even though they are strong financially/reputation-wise, their previous managers (ai) have not done well in the transfer market and there are very few good regens in the 1st team. If they don't get second season blues then I expect a top 6 finish for him next season. Michael/HSV - One of the newest managers in the Clan who has done pretty well with the team he has. HSV used to be amazing a few season ago, but he took over when they were 2nd tier and has done well to take them to 8th. Seems to also be very active when it comes to tinkering with his tactics, and though some of his transfer market dealings are questionable, I expect a comfortable mid-table finish for him next season. Jamie/Gladbach - Another new addition to the clan who took over a good team. Gladbach hadn't been doing too well before he took over and he has managed to turn that around. At the beginning of the season they were doing really well, getting wins consistently, but then something went wrong and they haven't been able to catch up with what the lost. They have some very good regens, and I expect a mid-table finish for him next season. Will/Werder Bremen - One of the most consistent managers in the Clan, always manages to get a bottom 4 finish. Contrary to what he will have you believe, he has some very good regens but still doesn't seem to be able to move his team from the 3rd tier up to the 2nd. On a good day he can pull off wins against other human teams, but usually, he will just lose to everyone and complain about it in chat. Keeps things interesting Sean/Hannover - A recent addition to the Clan who hasn't done too well. He got Nurenburg (relegated) and Mainz (sacked), and now has Hannover. In his defense, Mainz were ruined by their previous manager (Davie), and he was always up against the odds to keep the board happy at that team. Hannover on the other hand are a very good team and I expect him to finish middle-table next season. Andy/Mainz - Had Frankfurt (relegated) which was always going to be a tough gig to pull off, but now has Mainz to prove he can survive in the top flight. The teams at his disposal haven't been the best so far but he will now atleast have the base through which to push on.
  8. The Mongrels Clan

    BOOYAH BITCHZ Pulled a 3rd place out of my ass somehow...oh and lost 3 more 5* players So now, I've lost 4x 5* players and 1x 4.5* player - sucks major donkey balls that my team's rep is terrible. Considering resigning and jumping ship to another team. Been with Freiburg for 11 years in a row now...bored of them..
  9. The Mongrels Clan

    Manager: Tushant Club: SC Freiburg League: Bundesliga It's been a ****** few seasons since I decided to start a youth revolution - the players I wanted to take over have either grown too slowly, or the ones that have grown fast have demanded moves away from the club. Compared to the competition, my team stands no chance - Hertha, Koln and Dortmund are all valued a lot more than me, have better academies, have better stadiums and better reps - it's always been a fight against the establishment (lol) but that's becoming harder and harder as the seasons go along. Transfers Below I'm going to show the main players I lost, simply because my team rep isn't as high and they wanted to move to bigger clubs - this would never happen to the 3 teams I noted above; My first player to leave, at this point in the picture he was 2.5/5 pot - I tried to get him to sign a contract extension with us, but he dragged negotiations all the way to January and then signed for Chelsea on a free. Deves was supposed to be the future of my team's attack - brought him in when he was 20yrs old and trained him up for 4 years before the ***** got big headed and asked for a transfer. He was 3/5 pot in this pic. And finally Ederson, brought in when he was 17yrs old, like Deves got a bit too big for his own good and as soon as he complained about our clubs stature I sold him off. As with Deves, he was also 3/5 pot in this pic. The club's rep took a big hit in the recent seasons as I went from Champions League to Europa League, and I knew this would happen - but I didn't expect it to involve my 2 strikers...pretty much my only strikers! Upcoming Season Don't expect to win anything, if I get a top table finish I will be happy. We are the underdogs compared to the 3 human teams I mentioned earlier. Till next time.
  10. The Mongrels Clan

    Manager: Tushant Club: SC Freiburg League: Bundesliga Been A very average season so far - doesn't matter where the team is right now, only 10 games in and we have ~20 more to go (I think). Ever since I sold my real players it's been a struggle to get everyone to perform, but I'm finally atleast starting to see some wins put together - hopefully we can start performing to the level expected of us and compete for a European place. In my opinion, the top 3 strongest human teams in the clan are: 1) Koln 2) Hertha and 3) Mainz/Werder Bremen - these are the teams to lookout for this season, and should easily finish in the top half of the table. Got a tough season ahead of us, don't give a **** about Europa League, just want to finish in the top half #yolo
  11. The Mongrels Clan

    Manager: Tushant Club: SC Freiburg League: Bundesliga League Season 6 just ended and I achieved 5th place. I was on course to getting 3rd place, but lost on the final day of the season and have to be happy with Europa League. My performance this year was actually pretty good, the difference in team quality between myself and the top 2 is and has been very large, and with other human teams catching up I am happy with a European slot. I beat Bayern Munich in penalties to win the German Cup (by no means an easy feat if you check the team they have), as well as winning the Super Cup. Other these 2 trophies I was not able to proceed past the 1st knockout phase of the Chamions League (lost on penalties to Inter); Manager Story I'm one of three managers to currently be with the teams we first started with,and without a doubt I started with the weakest of the 3 - am pleased with that! My last 6 seasons with Freiburg have been extremely interesting, the inability to attract quality players, the constant rejections from the board for training/youth facility improvements coupled with my stellar rise to a dominant force in Germany has seen my manager profile become highly in demand. Earlier in season 6 I rejected a job offer from Bayern Munich, and after the end of this season I got an offer from Arsenal - ofc, I promptly rejected it! To add to this, I believe currently I'm the only human manager to attain Icon status with their clubs: Future Starting season 7 I'm aiming to phase out my older players and start playing regens (newgens). I've already started the process by selling off my 3 best players (30yr old Doumbia, 28yr old Toprak and 30yr old Flum) and am hoping to bring in some young kids to replace them. Clearly they won't be contributing to the same level just yet, which is why I've lowered my season expectations for the upcoming season. A top half finish will be a good result with the team I now have - it remains to be seen if my board will agree with that and keep me around! Till next time
  12. The Mongrels Clan

    Manager: Tushant Club: SC Freiburg League: Bundesliga League It's been quite an interesting end to season 5. I never expected to go and win it for the 2nd time, especially since Gladbach were ahead by ~12 points at one point. Being the only human manager in the clan to win the league is one thing, but to win it two times so far with the team I've had is definitely unexpected. And to add to this Bundesliga title, I also went on to win the Super Cup. A 3-0 win over newly promoted Dusseldorf (managed by Andy), a 'welcome to the top league' of sorts for him. General Outside the league, we've been extremely disappointing, dropping out of Europe before the elimination rounds for the 4th time in a row. The problem usually comes down to the fact that I don't have enough players to rotate properly and injuries hit my trophy ambitions hard. Transfer-wise, so far I've relied on bosmans/loans to reinforce my team, but 5 seasons in and things are starting to get very hard - every other human controlled team in the league is starting to get extremely strong and players I want to loan are valued too highly, resulting in astronomical fee requirements. My only option now is to look for regens, which isn't easy since a lot the available players still don't want to come to my team for some reason. Recruiting players should not be so hard for a team ranked 2nd in Germany rep-wise; Future My short-term plan is to try and phase-out the older players and bring in new blood. It's not going to be easy on the small wage/transfer budget I have, but with a few smart transfers I could be set for the upcoming season. One final thing, I'm the first human team to be put in the in-game Hall of Fame: Pretty happy with that considering I had one of the weakest teams in the league in the beginning. Till next time
  13. I won't buy FM if it has his or anyone's face on it.
  14. The Mongrels Clan

    Manager: Tushant Club: SC Freiburg League: Bundesliga League We're well into December and it looks like I'm doing fine in the league. Currently find myself in the top 5 but my players have already started to show fatigue. Let's see if I can keep up this level till the end. Europe For the 2nd season running I am out of the Champions League in the group phase. For some reason I can't seem to beat even the easiest teams in Europe, my players just implode when it comes to games I need to be winning. My aim right now is to try to get top 3 in the league (for Champions League) and try to get through to final stages of national Cup and Europa League. Till next time!