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    Leeds United Manager. 12-13. 7th in Premiership.

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    Elland Road... No need for Grayson here!


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    Football, Football Manager, Managing Football Teams, Manager de Football, Soccer Manager.

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  1. I signed Joachim Low to my backroom staff, think that was U19s manager as well. Can't remember who it was with though.
  2. I think a page of Football Manager 'slang' and abbreviations should be made.
  3. If it's a laptop I don't know but this happened with me and it wasn't due to FM but seemed to start when FM was on. The cable connecting my monitor to the computer was in too much (yes I mean too much) and I pulled it out a little and it's fine! I doubt this is a solution but it's worth a shot!
  4. You know your addicted to football manager when............ Christmas doesn't matter because you already have FM All Christmas presents are a let down becase you already have FM You set up a table for 2, 1 for you, 1 for FM You put one half of the cracker in the FM case and close it and pull the other half yourself You post on this on Christmas Day (I'm happy to be called an addict )
  5. I'm Leeds United and I've just played a game on FM (my last game in season 5 if your interested) and Bogdon Lobont had an absolute corker of a game! I'd knight him just for that performance if it were me nevermind the other 5 performaces that also earned him a MoM (he tied at the top with a few others including one other Leeds player) After this match where he saved more than the WW1 armistice (look it up if you don't understand the reference). Personally I wish I could give him a bonus for this performance.
  6. IDK whether this one will have been said but I suspect it will ahve been because I know that me and my mates do it (usually me though as I am the most addicted)... When you say that a certain club should sign a certain player just because they did on FM and he was an absolute star signing!
  7. you and your friend stay up til 2 in the morning discussing nothing but FM (or Champ as my friend calls it, going back to the old days!) and then you stay up til 3 even though your mates gone!
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