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  1. You are probably thinking of the official data update we do after the winter transfer window closes. There's no official summer transfer window update because the data forms the basis of our new games and more often than not is in a slightly different format to accommodate new features.
  2. I had assumed you were playing on the new ME, where the highlights are more detailed and you have access to CCC stat, which can make things easier to interpret. The reason we are giving tactical advice is because we know it's possible to play the game without having the opposition scoring against you with their first shot all the time. If keepers are getting high ratings just from saving a lot of low quality shots rather than making genuinely excellent saves, then we can take a look at that. It's perhaps fair to say that a good defensive performance should see defenders get MoM more often in
  3. It's quite a common tale that crops up on FM as well as FMH where people have a tendency to prefer attacking play that can produce a lot of half chances as opposed to a more balanced approach that creates quality chances. If your goals to shot ratio is quite low you need to consider how you may improve the quality of chances rather than the frequency of them. It's an over simplification to suggest that if you are having a lot of shots on target and not scoring a lot of goals then that is down to the opposition keeper (although just like in real life they may get a lot of the credit). If the
  4. Nothing is predetermined. The ME doesn't decide in advance what the final result will be based on formations, or know what the end result is before it's happened, or make up stuff in 3D to fit around a set result. It really does simulate every kick of the ball from start to finish. However, instead of processing the match in real time while you are watching it, it processes the whole match in the background first and plays it back to you - and this is the cause of confusion to some people. However, when you think about it, it's obviously impossible to show highlights of a match in real time
  5. Yeah we understand that it's not always possible. It's precisely for that reason that save games that do reproduce an issue are like gold dust sometimes. Especially if it's a particularly rare bug or incredibly time consuming to reproduce from scratch. Some bugs are fixable from a current save, where a coder can make a best guess at what's happened and work backwards from what they see (so it's usually better than nothing at all) But for complex issues we nearly always need to be able to reproduce the issue live. As I say, not just to debug it, but also to prove it's fixed afterwards.
  6. Having a save game that reproduces a bug serves two purposes. Debugging usually involves reproducing the events leading up to a bug and tracing exactly what code is called, to work out what code is not working as it should. Running the game in debug mode allows us to see all this and find out what's triggering the bug, but we can't do that if the bug already exists in the save. Also, to verify something has been fixed we need a save game that reproduced the issue with code prior to the fix, which then doesn't reproduce the bug when run with the fix in. It's fundamental to how fixes are test
  7. Random numbers indirectly effect pretty much every part of the game, just like they always have. But they are not the overriding factor in whether you win or lose, that would obviously make most games and simulations (not just FM) rather pointless. Clearly if you save the game and play the same match many times you will get different results because of randomisation. But all the important data used to calculate matches, such as current player and team form, is retained. If you close the game, it will still know about your winning or losing streak when you reload and this will be factored i
  8. Extended will show more highlights than Key. You can prove this by watching a match on Key, saving it, then loading it in the Match Viewer. Even if you watch a match live on Key highlights, you will always be able to see Extended highlights when loading up the saved match in the Match Viewer, so you'll be able to spot the differences. Note that changing to and from Key/Extended is only applied at half time or at the next tactics change, to avoid additional processing delays.
  9. The match ratings on display are already on overview of what the player has done in the entire match. It's possible they may go up or down in rating just before the end of the game, but the rating is still calculated based on their overall performance and not biased towards more recent events. So a player doing a good/bad thing in the last minute has no more weight than if they had done it in the first minute. It's just that a last minute event may just be enough to push the player over the threshold for a better/worse rating overall.
  10. We added the latest scores to the processing dialog as something interesting to see while your match is processing. This data is already available to support the Live Table and Latest Scores screens, so displaying them on this dialog causes no additional processing delay. So the processing wait at HT and after tactics changes are only required to process your match.
  11. It's perhaps worth emphasising that the ME is deterministic, so with the same inputs an identical result is always achieved. After all, that's how PKMs work. They store the inputs to the ME to produce a match, rather than a recording of the match itself. The difference between that and reloading a save game to replay a match is that the exact inputs to the ME change from one load to another, so the starting point at kick-off is never identical. Just like real life, it can take a relatively small change at the start to get a very different final outcome.
  12. The engine is independent of the match view. The Enhanced ME simulates matches in greater detail and can be viewed in 2D or commentary only. You can also save matches and watch them back later even if you originally played them in commentary. The Original ME is less detailed, but faster. It can also be viewed in 2D or commentary only, but you can't save matches.
  13. I think the news report considers the score and not just the result. So although Accrington were favourites to win, the shock was more to do with the scale of the victory (although it could probably be worded a bit better to make that clearer).
  14. Glad you're enjoying the game! Regarding corners, I think the real life average over a season is about 1 goal from a corner in every 3 games. However, Man United's Prem matches last season had even more than 1 corner goal every 2 games. In a smaller sample of matches, or with certain teams, the frequency can be much higher or lower. So the ratio that you are seeing doesn't seem out of the ordinary. It really depends on the teams and how they are set up.
  15. The database, although larger than its ever been before, is still only big enough to adequately support more than one continent if we limit the playable leagues to top division only. Brazil all divisions plus England top division is only 2 leagues, so we have room to fill out both continents with enough players. England all divisions plus Brazil top division is 8 leagues. In our tests the squads ending up being spread too thin because the database is trying to support lower level football in England and top level football across two continents. Similarly the A-League is only one division, s
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