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  1. When I have my assistant coach, for example, scout a player for 2 weeks, he no longer slowly improves the knowledge of a player over the course of those 2 weeks. Instead, there Is only a jump on the first day the scouting period begins (by 30% for example). I’m a few months into my save. This did not happen when I first started the save. What gives?
  2. I ended up redownloading all the files I wanted from across the forum and it works fine
  3. Honduras file isn’t working for me anymore. It says there are 0 out of a minimum 5 teams currently. Any ideas what caused this or what I can do to remedy?
  4. If there is a way to make the Chivas academy associated with FC Cincinnati instead of Nashville, could someone walk me through that in the editor please? Appreciate all the work on this file!
  5. Do you think this would work with classens's files (minus his USA/Canada file)? And do you recommend this file or your non pro/rel file as the best option to play with FC Cincy (I know the other file has the academy problem hardcoded)?
  6. Thanks. Didn’t see a way in-game, but figured I could be missing it
  7. Is there a way to change a playable country to view only in-game? Can I add unplayable countries as view-only in-game?
  8. Context: It is preseason taking over a new club. I wanted to raise the knowledge level of some transfer targets. Since I couldn't scout games for some players, I offered trials in the hopes of learning more. (Sidenote: any ideas what I can do to raise knowledge of an individual) I learned that there is a different between a "coach report" and "scout report" as coach reports are when the player join the club. There were some facets of the players game I learned immediatly. For example, I learned the transfer target was versatile. Question: Can I learn more about the player the longer he stays on trial, or is what I learn immediately what I end up learning for the duration of the trial? I hope to unmask some of his attributes as well. Any thoughts on this sort of subject will be very much appreciated
  9. On the rules page of the EPL for example, shouldn't it say "top however many teams qualify for _____"? I could swear I noticed that when I dabbled in this file a few months ago, but it doesn't say that for me now. Is this problematic?
  10. Looks like a fun file. I really like how you were able to keep the Lamar Hunt cup and added prize money. I just have a few questions: 1. The new APL is approximately on the same level as the old MLS, right? Have MLS teams been edited to make them 'stronger'? By that I mean from a financial perspective, reputation, or better facilities. 2. This may be nothing but I selected all leagues to be playable. When I go to a PDL 'Rules' page where it lists the rules of a competition, it says the top however many teams get promoted to the NPSL. Clicking on the NPSL link leads me to the a historical section but not a page with standings like all the other leagues would. It looks as it would I didn't select the league to be playable (I double checked, I did). That being said, if I take over an NPSL team I can see the teams/standings easily. So I guess my question is are teams promoted and relegated correctly from the PDL -> NPSL -> USL? I assume this is just FM being wonky on my end but I want to be sure before I enter a long term save.
  11. Probably shouldn't get our hopes up on Pogba, though that would be amazing
  12. I was under the impression he played RW earlier in his career but I could be wrong. It was more of a way of finding room for Rashford since he deserves it after his breakthrough this season. I also doubt Mensah will be a starter. I think it's much more likely Darmian gets significant playing time. Wouldn't mind seeing Blind in the starting XI somewhere
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