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  1. Love the tactic. I have good, good players and I'm dominating with a bit more consistency that I should be doing. Thanks for the tactic.
  2. If I were to buy an unlockable, such as no transfer windows or all players interested, does that carry forward to all my other FMC games? I bet bored easily and am unlikely to want to pay for it each time.
  3. Tried that. Works better done in Geordie with a blonde wig and pink mini skirt.
  4. OH MY GOD. How slow steam going. Is anyone else's download creeping along as slowly as mine (50kb/s at the mo)? Any tips on speeding it up, maybe like running on the spot with my laptop or reciting poetry in french?
  5. I have to say that the inclusion of the DOF feature is the only reason I would be buying the game this year. Tempted to miss it out for a year. Guess the demo will be the decider.
  6. I am not planning on buying it. More likely due to my age and not being able to justify spending money on something I am not likely to play. I guess you just grow up, eventually. Long over due in my case.
  7. This feature is the only one i am excited about and possibly the only one that I would consider buying the game for.
  8. Of course it is a bug. If the club list an acceptible price of £11.75m and someone bids more than that (for whatever stupid reason) then it should be accepted. Obviously you should start lower, but once a club declares an acceptible value anything in excess of this should be accepted. Its a bug, let's move on.
  9. Agreed. Perhaps Changes would be more noticeable to me had I not played every iteration. A year or two off may revitalise my passion for the game.
  10. The amount of work that goes into something like the transfer system, or the match engine, is not really an issue for the consumer. I don't really care how long it took them to code or develop a feature. What I care about is that is it an accurate, enjoyable representation of the real world. in my opinion the fact a shot can curl in one direction then veer off at almost 80-90 degrees to be wholey unrealistic. The fact that Messi dribbles in the same way as Ronaldo is bizarre. Why can we only instruct the players to make forward runs? There have been changes, of course there have. But for me there are issues that have been around for a long time that have not recieved the attention they need to. Let me paint the scene... a player comes to me saying that he wants first team football. I agree and say i will sell as soon as I can. I then transfer list the player and offer him to clubs at his value, then a lot less than his value but still no bites. I get the reminder from my Ass. Man saying I promised to sell the guy, yet not my fault nobody wants him. In the end the player gets pissed off as I havent sold him, despite me trying. Its not my fault nobody wanted to buy the guy. The player should be annoyed at the transfer system. Now i am not talking about an Alan Smith who is on 60k a week, but a squad player at a middle of the way club. There generally is a club for every player that wants to play, they just have to keep dropping down the leagues until someone wants him. This is not reprsented in FM at all.
  11. Yeah, not through poor squad maintenance. How many times in 20 years have they finished outside the top 2? Twice perhaps, if that.
  12. Ok, perhaps in some instances, "never improved" should be replaced by "rarely improved" or "minimal improvement".
  13. FM is like WWE. No competition and the desire to push on erodes over time. Back when WWE were at their most popular, they had WCW pushing them and challenging every week. Now WWE has nobody to offer a vaible alternative. FM and SIgames is the same. How many of you prefer WWE now to then? There are serious issues with FM that never improve or get fixed. The match engine is tedious to watch and often shows no likeness to real life footie. The transfer system has been the same for YEARS and lacks any realism or enjoyment. Explain to me why if I have a striker of ok ability who is scoring for fun has nobody interested in him, yet a youth player with potential to be the next whomever has every one chasing him. The game considers potential ability more than form, which cannot happen in real life, so why in the game? The development of youth players is quite frankly a joke and how I miss the development that you got from players in FMLive. The constant repeatition of news items often means constant clicking to just get through the day, without actually reading them. Who wants to read the same thing every other game day? Subscsribe to an award and shortlist a player and you can get over 20 messages saying 'Messi is favourite for world player of the year'. Then we get onto the AI, which is pretty poor. The ability to maintain a competitive squad is poor. Even in my game Rangers and Celtic have fallen towards the bottom of the SPL. Unfortunately I am at the age where priorities change (it will happen to you all) and buying and having the time to play computer games is not a must do activity. I may miss out FM this year and the next. But I don't really worry... if I come back to it in a year or 5 nothing much will have changed, except maybe I will be able to do something fancier with the editor or maybe tell a player in a conversation the reason he hasn't been picked was because he was 'bloody injured' and not dropped.
  14. Fergie is perhaps more patriotic than myself. Nothing to do with realism, more personal preference.
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