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  1. Loving this game

    Lets put it this way, my Malaga are spending £8mil on just over 6000 seats and they don't own the stadium.
  2. I finished 2nd behind Barcelona (Malaga). But I've not been beaten by them. I even beat them 4-1 at Camp Nou, but then I realised they played loads of U19 players... They've had a poor start to the second season though, 4 wins and 3 draws (ok, they're third, but on the same points as Mallorca, 4th). Real Madrid are nightmare to play against, however everyone but me seems to do fine. They nearly missed out on the Champions League, and are currently 7th with 8 games played. Apparently José is up for the sack.
  3. I did the exact same as AjaxNo1. Apparently the Spain job was a "no hoper" though, so delighted to have dominated them in the final (although only a small victory due to Casillas - do they seriously think they needed Casillas and De Gea?). Picked a very different team though. My overage were Baines, Hart and Evans.
  4. I just go to Everton > Information > Stats. Obviously if I want to compare them with other teams I can't (unless I write it down), but it addresses the issue of scouting. EDIT: I can't seem to find anything on crosses or offsides though. I think you might have to manually do them from Analysis tool, which seems to be the only place where you can view crosses completed, etc.
  5. The Joy of Stats

    Some goalkeeping ones would be nice. Like how many crosses and shots were held/punched/fumbled.
  6. I'm pretty sure clubs can put a clause in a loan transfer that will make a team play a player a minimum amount of times or they will be fined.
  7. The Ego's Have Landed (FMS Sign Up)

    Good unbeaten start to the season, and we've kept our best players in the transfer window. Disappointing we haven't added any...
  8. The Ego's Have Landed (FMS Sign Up)

    Two solid draws...
  9. Ah, a bit of rivalry here then, with my Leverkusen team. I'm attempting to sign more German players, as well as buy a minimal amount of youth players, to let my German youngster take part in the first team. I'm interested in why you have so many Koreans though? Are they good and cheap or something? Personally, apart from Germany, no other nation has more than 2 representatives currently in my first team squad, and if we include youth team I add an extra two Germans and another Argentinian. So, every first team appearance it goes: German 21 (1) English 11 (1) Spanish 9 (1) French 3 (2) Portuguese 3 Dutch 2 (1) Arabic 1 (2) Croatian 2 Turkish 1 Romanian 1 Bosnian 1 (1) Slovenian 1 (1) Serbian 1 (1) Italian 0 (1) German Speakers: 22 out of 29. Rather disappointing in all honesty. Especially when I consider my large German emphasis. Neves especially annoys me. 1.5 years in Saudi Arabia and he starts learning Arabic, 4 so far in Germany, not even an attempt. Impressed with our English speaking ability, considering just two Englishmen.
  10. Rushing Out...

    What I don't understand, then, is why Command of Area is trainable but Rushing Out is not. Essentially the same idea, except one is for crosses and one is for through balls. Neither are the ability to get there. Really, Rushing Out should be trainable. As a goalkeeper, I come out a lot more than I did 2 years ago.
  11. "Laughed off"

    On the U21s tab of a country there is an apply for job button. I resigned from it in the end, for some reason I was only playing 10 outfield players (which doesn't make sense), so I couldn't progress unless I holidayed the match.
  12. "Laughed off"

    But as I have already shown, what you say here doesn't exist. This is my biography, it's not exceptional: Although I was not born in 1975.
  13. "Laughed off"

    I got offered both the Leverkusen (manager retired after doing the double) and Inter jobs after 3 seasons at Hibs. I'm went to Leverkusen. So I have no idea what's going wrong. Are the clubs you're declaring interest in precarious, or at least very insecure?
  14. I had that with Hibs. Our average attendance was 20,000. I'm guessing the rest of the seats were away fans. We also sold out 6 home league games a season, had won multiple trophies, and had £16m. Rejected always because of lack of financial gain or not enough interest.