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  1. Damn, 10 years ago. Those Clubs days were probably the most fun I've ever had on Fifa, even to this day. Just went back and re-watched the "Transformation of Pinder" video Dan did, still a masterpiece. Hope everyone's doing alright.
  2. Did Vidal needing to buy 2 Ifs (Zaha and Lozano so 60k), packed David Silva back which covered the cost. Pretty settled on my team now, just want Headliner Lala to finish it. Current team is: Courtois Marcelo Ramos Varane Lala Neymar Prime Ballack FB Vidal IF Mbappe Prime Crespo FB Villa From this week trying a 4222 with Crespo & Villa up front, Neymar & Mbappe in behind and now Vidal holding with Ballack (was previously Kante)
  3. Just had my best game with 14 kills, 1822 damage and a win
  4. Zaha and Subasic for me. My brother got Messi
  5. Loving this and finally got my first win earlier. R301 and a sniper is my preferred loadout and tend to use Lifeline. Had a few 5+ kill games now.
  6. Benzema and Gimenez, same as above, best pulls but neither go into my squad and will just be used in SBCs.
  7. On the M&M the caramel ones we got are different to the American ones. Ours are hard as said, the American ones are in a blue packet and are soft...they're also amazing. The salted caramel fudge kit Kat is amazing superior to the original too.
  8. Won first game 7-2, lost second 5-2 after dominating the game, win the third 5-3....as the games completing...servers go down on PC. Gonna be really pissed off if it goes down as a loss.
  9. Goretzka & Lopes my picks, IF Sommer best from my 100k packs & Div Rivals rewards.
  10. So went into tonight needing 2 wins from 3 for Gold 1. First guy i came up against had a fairly average team. Can tell he knows what he's doing and is playing the passes to open up the space in behind for the striker run, but then every time he had a 1 on 1....would end up blasting it wide. All of a sudden, he starts hitting perfect timed finesses....then goes back to missing everything, before the timed finesses come back. Lost 5-0. Next game, guy has TOTW Mbappe, TOTY Marcelo, TOTY, Ramos, TOTY Varane and Prime Ronaldinho Close game but managed to scrape a 3-2 win. Final gam
  11. Did Newcastle after only needing to buy 4 players, small rare gold players pack gives me IF Fernandinho and Muller...will take that!
  12. VVD was from a PL upgrade pack and not even a bought pack too He's had 4 icons from packs too as well as numerous other good players. Think he said he's up to 400k fifa points spent since Monday, but did 700k in total last year.
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