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  1. I would say proabbly an AP(a) on the wings for Grealish. Make sure he has runners around him (maybe a BBM and a WB overlapping for example.
  2. Why does every team play 4231 on this game when this formation is nearly not as successful in real life? The traditional number 10 role is dying big time in real life, yet in FM it's essentially glorified with every top team utilising the 4231. Something seems very off.
  3. What role has Pep given Sterling for him to make less decisions or thinking? This is rubbish and really undermines Sterling’s ability as a player.
  4. Actually, I’ve posted several times in this topic offering constructive feedback, plus also took part in the BETA and reported bugs in the forum. That’s my main point - SI are a small team. We should help them make the game better, they’ve provided us a platform for this.
  5. You can say that but you’re not contributing anything to making it better, so your comment is pretty much useless.
  6. You can just use space bar instead of keeping your mouse pointed to pause a game.
  7. The amount of crosses are fine, it’s accuracy. But there’s a deeper problem - defenders don’t defend (good) crosses too well on FM - so if they increased the accuracy - there would be an anomaly of cross goals.
  8. Thanks for the continued hard work Neil and SI. Any news on the next big update?
  9. I'm waiting to finish the season to then report on how many penalties were missed overall. I'll upload corresponding PKMs when that time comes.
  10. As I speak - been awarded another penalty which is missed again by a good technical player (Giuseppe Rossi, 16 at penalties). I just don't understand?
  11. Why are players so bad at penalties? Missed my last three, I don't expect to score penalties now. It's strange considering the high percentage of penalty goals that are scored. The odd miss or here fine but it seems like you're more likely to miss a penalty than actually score. In some throwaway save I had one game where there were 3 penalties and they were all missed?
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