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  1. Has this feature gone, or am I just being blind as a bat? I'm just looking to see how long Ganso and Romario need to stay in Russia to gain citizenship and I can't find the feature anywhere, can anyone help?
  2. If you pay over 48 months, only 25% of the sum comes out of your transfer budget (as theoretically, only 25% of the sum is coming out of your budget for this year [the first 12 months) At least on the patch I'm on (12.1 iirc) the chairman just keeps injecting cash as a spend it, usually around twice a season at roughly £25m a go. edit: not that you need money for transfers, in the last 2 years (2013-2015) I have signed the following players on a free: Tevez Adebayor Benzema Xabi Alonso Kaka Not too bad I feel.
  3. You can use the sliders to move all the money out of your budget into your wage budget, that'll give you more room in the wages section, especially as you aren't paying any money to "sign" him. EDIT: Didn't read the last section, can you get rid of any dead wood in the window / get rid of some staff that aren't worth keeping? Ask the board for more wages if you haven't already.
  4. I managed to get Arshavin in the 3rd season for Anji, albeit I'd won the Europa League the year before and the league, and Arshavin's contract was up.
  5. Just won the league for the second consecutive season in the third season. Didn't lose a league game but got knocked out of the Russian Cup early by Volga NN (My youth XI played) and also got knocked out in the first round after the group stages in the Champions League by Real Madrid 6-4 on aggregate after a 3-3 draw at the Bernabeau.
  6. Finance wise, CSKA, Zenit and Rubin all have a decent amount of money to throw around, although obviously nothing like Anji do which can make them all serious challengers to you for a few years. Due to the rules (At least 1 Russian U21 player in the Squad, and at most 6 foreigners in the starting line up) you'll be almost forced to look at CSKA players, as they have by far the best Russian players such as Schennikov and Mamaev (who cost me £30m and £28m respectively) and as they are title rivals, you will have to pay top dollar. After a few years the league shouldn't be too much of a problem, your challenge lies in trying to make a profit without the owner (you WILL lose about £6m a season for the first few years) and trying to crack europe. It's really fun I'd recommend it
  7. CSKA have now dropped to 9th after, 18 games, oddly. I've drawn Real Madrid in the Champions League, the stage after the group stage which will be tough to say the least. Also, i'm now in January 2014 and both Tevez and Adebayor are available to sign, and could join in 6 months time. Tevez is uninterested but I may be getting Adebayor on a 4 year, £90k per week deal which will be a bargain if I can pull it off. Eto'o has signed a new contract, on £120,000 as opposed to the previous £165k and at 32 is still banging the goals in.
  8. Halfway through the third season, sitting well in first with CSKA down in 4th after beating them 2-1 at their place. In the champions league we're 3rd with 4 points from 4 games, although oddly we've drawn all 4 games. My group is Me, Lyon, Shakhtar and Kopenhavn and I'm still to play Lyon and Kopenhavn. Shakhtar have 5 points so with two wins I should be able to qualify!
  9. I'm honestly a bit speechless here. In the first season CSKA won the league by about 9 points and did well in the champions league, then in the 2nd season they came 2nd to me (3 points behind me but still 12 points ahead of 3rd). However, in the third season they have lost 2 and drawn 1 of their first 5 games, and have just been kicked out of the Russian Cup in the 7th Round (First round that the "big" teams join) to a non-league Luch team. I think I may be able to pick Akinfeev up this season
  10. Starting the third season, the option to build a new stadium is currently greyed out saying "the board are actioning this" or something, yet i've heard nothing about it, anyone else come accross this?
  11. Dob1


    I've gone for Roberto Carlos just in the second season, he has some good stats on my game for the position. Just beat Spurs in the Europa Semi-Final and now I'm playing Manchester City in the Final! 'Mon Anji! <3 EDIT: Beat City 4-2! I went 2-0 up inside the first ten minutes as they went all-out attack from the beginning, but then they pulled 2 goals back just before half time. Eto'o and Zhirkov then pulled us two goals ahead 10 minutes into the second half and we held on. A great achievement
  12. Dob1


    Having won my last 13 games in the league and in 17 a row, I decided to holiday my Russian Cup Quarter Final match against Spartak Moscow. Disappointed is not the word to describe my thoughts as we lost 2-0 Oh well, a chance to beat CSKA to go 12 points clear up next, and a Europa League semi final against Tottenham.
  13. Dob1


    Yeah all the best players seem to be from CSKA. Currently trying to flatter Schennikov so he'll join me
  14. Dob1


    Phillipov is progressing steadily to say the least! A superb improvement after just one month at the club, not to mention a hat-trick on his debut for the U18's and a goal a game since then! He's definitely going out on loan next year to a first division side if he keeps this up. Also, beat Dinamo Kyiv 2-2 (away goals) in the Europa league to set up a Second Knockout Round tie vs Everton. Signed this youth player, Rodionov, for £6k from KamAz, who'll join in a few months time (August 2013). I'm loving the regens at the moment, here's my current crop of newgens (all signed from elsewhere) Rodionov Joins in August, while he may never play for me, he should develop nicely and net me some profit from selling him on. Phillipov Iljin Petrov (Joins in August, like Rodionov - £65,000 fee. Probably will never play for me, but should net me a handy profit.
  15. Dob1


    Yeah, so even Ukranians count as Foreign unfortunately. As a tip, keep Lakhiyalov and Igonin (the two wingers) as I've found them to be incredibly useful utility players. Gadjibekov has surprised me in defense, he's a class defender. Just bought this guy for £6k compensation, drooling at the prospect of him in the future