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  1. I have got a lot of ideas for this game for next year but it will be down to SI & SEGA and what they have to say about it. My Ideas are 1) A good idea could be if you could be invited onto TV shows for interviews, or even to dabble in punditry lol. Watch a game and then give your verdicts live on TV. 2) Every time you apply for a job (based on reputation and success) you go through a process of answering questions put to you by the board about what you plan to do with the squad, budget, the clubs' ambitions etc... 3) That way if you apply for a job you wont necessarily get it based on reputation alone and it's more realistic if your likely to be a fish out of water in a higher league? (we've seen it before... Lee @ Bolton & Allen @ Leicester) 4) Also i think there should be options to change season ticket prices and ticket prices and offer kids cheap tickets and offer discounts etc to improve attendances, this would be good especially for lower league clubs. 5) I would like there to be board meetings every week and for there to be alot more interaction with the board over several matters to make it more realistic. 6) Organsise Open Days Yourself and take your players to a training Camp. 7) Internal MP-3 player, you import music in the game and it plays whenever you're not playing a match. Easier to switch songs without having to switch to winamp and would automatically stop during a match. 8) Build Your Own Stadium & Pick your sponsors , kit colours etc 9) Option to buy a team , I know it's a little unrealistic but heck come one if your a manager for 20 years and you want to buy a non-league side you have the option to build their stadium , Pick their Kit so basically you become the chairman. That is want i would like in the game.
  2. i think for next FM8 there should kits logos facepacks and comp logos for all the team in the prem league because it would be much better that download them.
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