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  1. Awesome a fresh new story in a very new local. Looking forward to another fantastic read.. 10-3 !!
  2. Well stated, written and team building motivation that includes a personal element indeed. Amazingly enlightening... your team is very fortunate for your insight and encouragement even in the gaming world. Hat's off and bows.. once again! !
  3. WOW, 10-3 ------ you've done it again.. and amazingly enough, did not see it coming. Perhaps should have tho'.
  4. This is such a real life interaction with a father and his son... which reminds me so of a very special guy I know. Great Job 10-3 !
  5. ! Tivoli Catching up..... amazing football story... behind the scenes and all.
  6. Such subtle questioning of what shall happen next, is a well delivered piece tonight. 10-3.
  7. Very moving piece, 10-3...well done my friend! Well done, {applauding}
  8. Enthralling plot, how will be the next villain?
  9. You've done it again... 10-3! This is very good, can't wait to read more.
  10. Good strategy technics with an added element of excitement leading toward a very good sit on the edge of your seat kind of game. Tell more... 10-3 Waiting to hear ... more. Nice reference to hockey - love it, can see the field clearly.
  11. Thank you... very enlightening feedback on the "rest of the story" as Paul Harvey would say. Enjoy reading and being held captive to what will happen next in this story. As it was been noted many times before.. Keep up the great job! !
  12. Can't wait for tomorrow. Go Get 'em. I can hardly bear the suspense.
  13. I totally agree with Bennico! Great job...
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