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  1. I tend to watch the extended highlight to really get to grips with how the guys are doing but it's each to their own really mate. There's no 'right' way to do it it's just personal preference so don't worry. If you feel that you're seeing enough then 'Key' is fine
  2. Thanks Hunt3r! I'll do this when I get home from work tonight. Cheers man
  3. Some matches slightly less 6/7 times. I counted the last 2 matches and it was bang on 10 times. I actually laughed. I have it set to 'shoot on sight' which I know will mean that people are sometimes shooting from less than ideal positions but like I say it shouldn't always be the cross bar surely?
  4. Hi guys, I'm 22 games into my first season with Stalybridge Celtic and there seems to be a bit of a flaw in the game engine. In every single game my players seem hit the cross bar 10 or more times. Never the left or right stick it's always the same shot straight at the cross bar resulting in a goal kick. Granted my strikers aren't world beaters at Conference North level but it even happens when my midfielders take a shot and something doesn't seem quite right with it. Both my strikers have finishing of 13 so it shouldn't be a case of them constantly shooting just too high and it doesn't seem realistic that they wouldn't shoot low for a number of shots. Has anyone else noticed a similar thing because it's becoming a bit of a joke now. The game engine seems worse than last year when it comes to realism.
  5. What is the criteria the board uses to decide how much they upgrade a stadiums capacity by? I got to the championship with a 12k stadium and so I've asked my board to expand as we fill it every game and have 9500 season ticket holders and they are only expanding it by 1200. There's pretty much no point bothering to do it when the increase in revenue from ticket sales will be negligible. I just wanted to ask, other than finances, what else decides how far the board will expand the capacity each time they allow an expansion project?
  6. I actually thought the same with Danny Simpson last season. He was playing really well at Newcastle but his stats were pretty poor overall. Not good enough to step up
  7. In fairness to Danny, out of those 39 games he played about 5 up front. The rest he was being used as a left winger which i'm sure he would admit isn't his best position.
  8. Hi guys, just a quick thought, is there any players that you think should have dramatically improved stats compared to FM13? For me a few guys spring to mind such as Sturridge and Welbeck who both really came on leaps and bounds last season. I also think Zaha's stats were particularly poor on FM13 so I think those could well improve. Carrick and Cleverley were also much better last season than in previous years. Is there any players at your clubs who had a stand out season last year whose stats you think should be boosted? Answers on a postcard please!
  9. I have 11 players which are my first team guys plus a second 11 which are all 16-18 year old's with high potential which I swap in every game so everyone stays happy. In the past 3 seasons I've brought through 4 or 5 guys which have gone from 16 year old youngsters to world class players which premier league teams are bidding for by doing this and it keeps everyone happy because they are all getting game time. Obviously certain positions such as GK and ST I change less frequently but the rest are a good mix of youth and senior guys. Seems to work well.
  10. I wouldn't worry too much with this mate. I had exactly the same thing last year on my old save. They rarely go as far as to sack you for something like this. I would just keep scouting and searching in your normal way and bring in players which you feel will fit in well to your system. Forget what the owners are pushing for. I always prefer to bring through a 16 year old from the u18's and turning them into world class players than I do singing the marquee players that the fans are always pitching for. Literally every single one of my first team defenders are all academy products and they are worth a combined total of $25m now (bare in mind i'm in League 1) so that's the way to go. Also my 17 year old striker scored 22 goals last season straight out of the u18's so as long as they're good enough you can save yourself a lot of money this way.
  11. I'm sure it will be via the editor function. I hope so anyway as I love starting out from the Unibond Premier and seeing how long it takes to get to the prem
  12. Thanks for the advice guys it's much appreciated. In terms of Stokes he was performing head and shoulders above everyone else to be honest. 25 goals in 24 games last season but I've finally managed to get rid of him on a free transfer which is brilliant for my wage budget situation. I also sold two young defenders for 1.5m and 4m respectively which again has reduced my wage budgets massively. All the players I've brought this year are on less than 2k a week and the projections for the end of the year budget is only on minus 2m now which is much more manageable. If I have a good cup run I can knock that down to -1m which is fine at this level. I could well get promoted to the Championship this year as well which would be handly financially. Fingers crossed for the season. Cheers, Wilbo
  13. Hi Guys, I'm just looking for some advise. Basically I unlocked the lower leagues in England via the editor and started out with my local team Ashton United in the Unibond Premier where I've quickly risen up through the leagues to League 1 via free transfers and loan signings which have served me well. However last season I managed to sign Anthony Stokes (the Celtic Player) on a free as well as 2 other clearly lower premier league/upper championship standard players all for wages of around $15000 a week each which still seemed like a bargain compared to the 2m plus I would have paid had I tried to buy them on a normal transfer. The problem I now have is that the club has gone from have plus 4m in the bank to now on minus 3m in the course of just over a season as clearly the wages i'm paying are way more than the amount we earn from gate receipts + merchandise etc... So here's the big problem, the board advised I sell some players to ease the clubs financial problems which I was happy to do as my youngsters are coming through and i'd rather play them that the mega bucks signings I have now anyway but even though i've transfer listed and offered the guys to other clubs no-one will take them. Stokes is valued at 1.5m and I even went as desperate as to offer him out for nothing but every club came back saying his wages were too high for them to consider making an offer. Now it looks like the debt problem is only going to get worse and I can't shift those high paid players even on a free. Any advise on what I should do next? I'm happy to get rid of them but no takers and i've tried loaning them out also and no one is interested. What actually happens if your club goes too far into debt? This is new territory for me i'm usually very strict with wages + Money. Any help would be massively appreciated. Cheers, Wilbo
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