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  1. Fantastic skin, Tom, very well done. But I have one glitch. Subtabs aren't sliding out after hovering on tab on menubar. You have to click on tab and then subtabs are showed, e.g. I want to go to player's Training tab and to do that I have to click on 'Development' tab instead of hovering on it. Is this something you are aware of?
  2. I'm no longer receiving messages about players on loan, after updating to 14.2.1 or 14.2.2, don't know. Anyone encounter this?
  3. I have a workaround - you have to tick retired players and at least one active player on the shortlist, after that remove from shortlist option shows up.
  4. Stop wasting time with 'it's your tactics' kinda crap. Regardless of instructions player in the penalty area shouldn't make such a back pass.
  5. It's scary how many people is struggling with tactics. Seriously, FM is a freaking game, not rocket science and tinkering with tactics. A lot of threads in tactics forum, a lot of people struggling, this is fun? Don't get me wrong, I like this part of the game but some players just want to buy world class striker and enjoy watching him on the field and scoring goals. Right now it's not possible without reading through a lot of tactical crap, some people are not interested in this. For the next version's advertising you should include something like "Before you click continue, read through 50 articles on tactical forum. Otherwise you will be punished badly". Just saying.
  6. So commentary only it is, I can't watch matches in current ME state, it's too painful. I suppose next ME version will be out late February/early March with data update. So let's clear things up: ME was enjoyable for 6 weeks (beta + after 14.1.4 when finally fullbacks did something). 16 weeks is period of time from game release to last patch (approximately). So 6 out of 16 weeks we could play without major annoying bugs, nice ratio.
  7. I wonder how you use Lukaku. He seems to be quite limited striker, all he can do at the very top level is get the ball near the penalty area and shoot, get at the end of a cross or hold up ball upfront and wait for more creative players. Target man maybe? I never could get the best out of that kind of strikers (strong, powerful, limited technically).
  8. I'd rather need some clarification on team instructions and how they affect players instructions, particularly roaming - if I select this in team instructions, how this would affect specific roles/positions. Or does it just 'trigger' roaming for players with individual free role? Or what are basic instructions for strikers? F9 - Normal wideplay, no roaming, high creative freedom, often long shots and through ball, sometimes forward runs and dribbles? For TQ I can't select roaming and movement because he roams and moves into channels. DLF - if I can select move into channels then his basic wideplay is normal or what?:confused:
  9. Live league tables are gone - in match widget, in Competition-> Matches-> Live league table, in post match screen too.
  10. You can start serious save right now. I did right after 14.1.4 was released and I'm enjoying it very much.
  11. Counter mentality, balanced fluidity. I know that formation we set is team's shape in defence. But that leads to question - what's the point of manager's preferred formation? Guardiola has 433 so he plays with this system. And no matter what AML/AMR should be ML/MR in defence. The same goes with 4231, 424 etc. Or should I play 4141, 4411 and 442 and retrain all of wingers in my team to play in MR/L positions?
  12. Some players reach their potential sooner than others. But I don't see the issue, I have 16 yo boy in my Ligue 1 side and he is good enough to be 3rd choice centre back. PaulC, I think wingers in the AM strata tracking back and defensive engagement needs slighty tuning. Yes, they do engage but too late - one of MC's in 433(41DM221) formation is already closing down opponents fullback/winger and this leads to tons of space in the middle. I didn't adjust any of MC's closing down instructions so it's clearly ME issue. So manager's preffered formation is pointless, the whole point of this system is that in attack it's like 433 or 343 and in defensive phase of play it is 451(4141). I'm surprised one of the most popular systems is so unbalanced, I'm sorry to say that. Right now I have to specific man mark opposition's fullbacks but it shouldn't be like that.
  13. WormboY, not only this year's edition. This kid is 14 years old. And hist attributes are not that bad as you think. Plenty of time to improve too.
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