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  1. I have a number of players on non-contacts that are sat in my U'21's who play for that side. They all have appearance, goals etc fee's. Will these get paid out for U'21 football?
  2. DITTO! Hoping for a few good data changes
  3. Guys I have a dilemma. I have just negotiated £40m for Lallana. So I have money! Here comes the nice problem. I want 2 forward players. I play with a complete forward, poacher and shadow striker. I have bid for Embolo, Ayoze Perez and Gabigol. Which of the two should I get or someone completely different?
  4. sorry if this has already been asked/covered. But what shot on target ratio % are people getting?. I assume around 40% is good. After 5 games mine is 25%, probably due to having to sign Zarate on loan due to injuries. Many of the shots are from good areas but end up going wide. Everything else in my tactic is working. 5 games 4 clean sheets and only conceded twice sadly both from set-pieces. It is just chance conversion that is so badly wrong
  5. Clyne seems to enjoy a diagonal ball to the striker despite being told to do everything but that!. I have tried and tried to get him to stop. Anyone else had problems? I think it may be due to his composure with is 10 and he just panics and pumps it forward
  6. The Squad Getting 2 goals with Coutinho is impressive. I'm struggling to get him to even hit the target Harry Wilsons Mins Per Goal must be impressive as well
  7. Who do you have taking penalties? I took my staffs advice and had Benteke but he has now missed 2 out 2
  8. as the title suggests I wanted to ask as wether I should go for a coach with 5* but his style is different to what you want or 3* coach who is similar to your playing style? So really what is more important stars or coaching style?
  9. Anyone had any luck offloading Mignolet? I offered him around for a bit then dropped it to £7.5m and had an offer for £2.5 from Hull. I wanted to bring in Zieler but need to get money from selling Mignolet
  10. Are Ings and Gomez injured at the start? Hopefully hasn't changed from the beta
  11. Moreno, Can, Allen and Lovern have all said they wanted to leave.
  12. Thorgan or Eden?. I'm thinking about signing the lesser of the two on a free
  13. Second season. Cech is Chelsea's number 1. They rejected a lot for him and kept saying £302m. So i'm going to have to try to unsettle him and make him leave
  14. Courtois is currently unhappy at Chelsea. Has anyone had him on here? Thinking of just offering whatever it takes because he will be my keeper for a long time
  15. Finished season 1 in 3rd Prem Top Goalscorer: Sturridge Preem player of the Year: Sterling 25 goals 7.52 avg (But didn't win young player of the season) My initial budget for next season is 19m I finished season 2 with 24m in my budget. Very annoyed about that