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  1. Nice thread about the Jambos. Would be good to see how individuals have been playing, tactics, development of youth etc. Just started my Hearts save and enjoying it so far. Andy Irving, Boyce and Jamie Walker have been great so far. Looking to develop Euan Henderson into an effective inverted winger, Logan looks handy and so does McGill. Focusing on developing youth and signing good Scottish players and enjoying winning most weeks for a change 😀 Mon the Herts
  2. @steve.battisti I tend to just ‘get team report’ on the club page. Gives you scout reports of any players from the club that would be loan options - some of which that usually don’t some up in the player search area. hope this helps
  3. Forgot a couple for Hearts: -Aidan White gets called Aidy White by stadium announcer Scott Wilson and is nicknamed that on our official site https://www.heartsfc.co.uk/squads/first-team/playing-squad. This link also has the squad picture for Kingsley which is missing in game Cheers
  4. Some Hearts bits, nothing major really on top of what has already been mentioned: -Away kit graphic is missing the Save the Children sponsor, third kit is the only one without sponsor. -Hearts have worn all maroon in all cup games so far this season, might be worth considering changing their home cup kit to have maroon shorts instead of white as default (Not sure if this is actually possible but worth a try!) -Hearts home GK kit is light blue and away is orange as shown here: https://www.heartsdirect.co.uk/browse/c-Kits-1/c-Goalkeeper-14 The blue one looks good in the game engin
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