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  1. Nice to read about, rovers are 4th!!! and now you got the man lambert to hate at southampton! :L, im gettin fm10 soon, keep it up.
  2. [FM09] Minnows To Champs?

    I was getting into this then my laptop broke which is why there is no more updates, that fm career dont exist
  3. [FM09] Minnows To Champs?

    League cup 3rd round- TOTTENHAM. 1-0 Spurs- 1st Minute - Darren Bent. 2-0 Spurs- 11th Minute - Wilson Palacios. 3-0 Spurs- 12th Minute - Darren bent 4-0 Spurs- 16th Minute- Wilson Palacios. Half Time. 4-1 BRFC- 55th Minute- Derbyshire. 4-2 BRFC- 61st Minute- Derbyshire. Red Card- Mota- Bought down by Wilson Palacios and kicked out earning straight red. Full Time. Barclays premiership game 6- WEST HAM 1-0 BRFC-13mins- Derbyshire. 2-0 BRFC-17mins- Evans Half Time 3-0 BRFC- 79 mins- Evans 4-0 BRFC- 87 mins- Evans. Barclays premiership game 7- SUNDERLAND. 0-0 Halftime. 1-0 BRFC- 64Mins- Evans Full time Barclays premiership game 8-WEST BROM 0-0 Half Time 0-0 Full Time. Barclays premiership game 9- LIVERPOOL 0-0 - Halftime 1-0 BRFC- 83mins- Derbyshire. 1-1 LIVERPOOL- 90mins- Inler 1-1 - Full Time. Barclays premiership game 10- MAN UTD. 1-0 BRFC- David Luiz- 16mins. 1-1 MAN UTD- Berbatov- 22mins. Half Time. 2-1 BRFC- Obertan -60mins. 2-2 MAN UTD- James Sinclair(OG)- 88 Mins Full time 2-2. Barclays premiership game 11- BOLTON Halftime 0-0 1-0 BRFC- Derbyshire. Full Time 1-0. Barclays premiership game 12 TOTTENHAM. 1-0 BRFC- 45+1 - Derbyshire. Half Time 1-0. 1-1 SPURS- 67mins- Anelka 2-1 BRFC-82mins- Rickie Lambert Barclays premiership game 13 PORTSMOUTH 1-0 BRFC- 33mins- Sergio Mota. Half Time 1-0. 2-0 BRFC- 47mins- Ched Evans 2-1 POMPEY- 56mins- Pizarro. 3-1- BRFC- 83mins - Oberton. Barclays premiership game 14 MIDDLESBROUGH. 1-0 BRFC- 1min- Derbyshire(pen) 1-1 Middlesbrough- 33mins- Robertson. Half Time 1-1. 2-1 Middlesbrough- 60mins- Dzeko. 3-1 Middlesbrough- 65mins- Wheater. 3-2 BRFC- Rickie Lambert(pen).
  4. [FM09] Minnows To Champs?

    Barclays premiership game 5- CHELSEA We went into this game 4 games unbeaten, winning 3 out of 4 lieing in 2nd place, Another win would of added another 3 points to our total of 10. First Half 0-0 chelsea failed to dominate in periods and were lucky to go in 0-0. Second Half Chelsea 1-0 Bristol Rovers, We failed to close down a run from Jiminiz(Ex Inter Player), and he cut inside and slotted the ball in the net. Full Time 1-0 Chelsea Bristol Rovers came close to equalising but Sergio mota failed to get a shot on target. Pleased with the teams current performence but how long will it last?
  5. [FM09] Minnows To Champs?

    Good little player, getting stronger every game. Update barclays premiership game 4. HULL CITY. 1-0 matt derbyshire scores a real poachers effort. 2-0 matt derbyshire shoots from 30 yards and scores! 2-1 kevin doyle from the penalty spot. Current points. 10/12. Really speaking only played one good team, blackburn, hull, everton are just outside relagaton.
  6. [FM09] From Hong Kong With Love

    Cheers for the ss of bristol rovers, there doing terrible!, well atleast they haven't reached non-league.
  7. [FM09] Minnows To Champs?

    End of updates for today.
  8. [FM09] Minnows To Champs?

    League cup 2nd round vs Huddersfield. Easy win predicted today. a chance to give my youngsters a game. 1-0 ched evans 20 yards taking on 2 players in the process. 2-0 matt derbyshire, ball in the box from ivan sproule, header. 3-0 great running from derbyshire put ched evans through, coudn't miss. 4-0 ivan sproule goes from one end of the pitch to the other, hits it to my £9million pound signing sergio mota who hits a screamer from 20 yards. 5-0 kyle naughton- 1.6million signing, whips in the cross for matt derbyshire to head in. 6-0 jeff hughes puts daniel parejo through 1on1 with the keeper .easy Game 3 of barclays premier ship ARSENAL 1-0!!- 2mins 53. Sergio mota crosses the ball in after kolo toure fouls oberton, and it met oberton on the head to put bristol rovers ahead. Half Time. Rickie lambert on for Ched Evans. Derbyshire for Parejo. 1-1-89mins 27.Coudn't concede any later, even though Arsenal deserved it. Fabregas crosses , senderos nods it home. Transfers In-Sergio mota £9mill great signing, wage demands were just low enough. Kyle naughton- 1.6mill, young player, wage demand of 10kpw. Out- Rickie lambert, starts of on the game valued at 350k-650k, the sensation of my team of the past 2 years valued him at 3.4million- sold to wigan for 3.8mill. Paul robinson- signed for 200k- scout says now he is premiership class, sold for 5.2mill.
  9. [FM09] Minnows To Champs?

    Game 1 I could count myself lucky in my first game of the season, had to play Blackburn who sold there best player Christian benitez to ac milan for 8.25mill. They still had Jason Roberts and Benni Mcarthey but my team overpowered them and we walked away with a 2-1 win. Game 2 Everton, i don't know how i managed to beat Everton 2-0. In the first half they dominated me, i hardley had a shot. In the second half we came out much better, first half possesion was Everton 62% Bristol Rovers 38%, 50% each at the end of the game.
  10. [FM09] Minnows To Champs?

    ruddy, obertan,derbyshire,djuric,tosic all in on loan. I was shocked when i beat man utd first time round:eek: then i lost against most the big boys , suprised to come away with a 1-1 draw with Madrid, vagner love should of scored a good 10 for them Win over hull i was 3-0 down, bought on Rickie lambert, who scored 2 and set up one, still don't make my first team for it . \o/
  11. [FM09] my managerial career

    How are bristol rovers getting on mate?
  12. Patch 9.3.0? Leagues- England, Blue Sq S/n Spain- Liga bbva. Edits- No edits. I am 3 seasons in with Bristol Rovers F.c I will update you from the season just starting. League- Barclays Premiership(2 promotions on trot). Friendlies to prepare for Barclays premier ship. I will keep you updated every 2 games. 4 games a day on updates.
  13. [FM09] From Hong Kong With Love

    Alright mate, can u send me a ss of the bristol rovers team and league positions over the years?
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