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  1. http://i.imgur.com/xNgDm4p.png Display error for team of the week in the new update
  2. Yeah my main question was whether contract clauses should fit under info that takes weeks to figure out. (player in question is Timo Horn, it's well known that he has a clause)
  3. I usually just say, "Get scout report". So i need to add him to the watch list thing? Why isn't there a time span called "Till fully scouted"? Wouldn't that make sense?
  4. Just did the standard. I havnt loaded the league he is in, so cant scout him for matches.
  5. Tried to search but didnt see it posted. Even after i scout a player, i'm not able to see their contract clauses. Is this intented?
  6. Thanks for the reply. I understand it's not supported but if it was just like fm14 (or better hehe) i would be soooo happy
  7. Hey SI, Been playing around with the beta for a few hours and one issue really springs to mind. I am running the beta on a laptop with a touch screen. FM14 had no issues with touch screen displays but I'm finding using the touch screen to be extremely unresponsive to 'clicking'. Is this something you could have a look at? Again, i am having no issues with FM14 so it should be able to work. Thank you for all the good and hard work!
  8. PM Sent, alternatively if you could describe briefly what kind of player is required for each of the positions (2xCM, 2xAMC and the 2 strikers) or if we should just follow their role.
  9. Plugged this tactic with my Atletico Madrid team in the 3rd season after things had stalled a bit. Beat Real 3-1 on Bernabeu with total domination. If i send you a PM with my squad, would you be willing to assist me in the lineup?
  10. I don't see much of an issue with your results to be honest. You lose 1-0 to Chelsea who are a very strong team. That can happen at any time, and you shouldn't really expect to win that match 100% of the time. The next 'weak' result is a 0-0 against Norwich at home. A huge underdog, considering your club's status, they probably dug down and outlasted your attacks. Again, to be expected, as i'm assuming you didnt adapt your approach to this. After a poor game at home, your players were feeling disheartened and lost 3-0 away to a Southampton side who are very strong in this years iteration of th
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