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  1. Just so you know, AC Milan will accept £4M for him in the first transfer window.
  2. I offered £6.5M and River accepted but wanted me to loan him back for a season. I offered £7.5M and they accepted it without the loan. It wasn't worth saving £1M to lose a talented player like that for a season. And huge thank you for mentioning him... I'd never heard of him but he looks insanely talented.
  3. They have FM t-shirts here http://sega.ebusinesssystem.net
  4. I agree with this. With those stats this young man has the potential to tear through offside traps like they were made of wet cardboard.
  5. From the owners' perspective that's the best kind of barman I used to work with a woman who also worked at a bar (and she drank like a fish). When she moved on the owners of the bar were quite amazed at how much longer it took to go through product.
  6. Indeed. I love checking Scandinavia for bargains... plus they almost always know English already and they don't require a work permit. Big thanks to Hoarau for the Stefan Johansen heads up... if that lad was English he'd cost £20M nevermind £880,000.
  7. I tried to get Marco Verratti but they wanted £37.5M :o Bayern wouldn't go below £35M for Alaba... although their first counter-offer was over £42M so I guess I whittled them down... a bit. I told both of them to get lost.
  8. Thank you Really good stats and a cm taller than Schmeichel.
  9. This was a previous FM but I got asked about world player of the year while managing Blue Square Premier once. :confused: Sadly, "Definitely none of MINE" was not an answer. I do agree with the original poster that the "who will win the league" needs spaced out a bit. At the start of the season... sure why not. Christmas ish, maybe right after the january transfer window, okay. But please not once in August, then September, October, November, December, etc.
  10. :o I had this happen to me once... went to a friend's bachelor party, came home and decided to play some FM. I was amazed that I was finding all these cheap players with such amazing stats. Then I woke up the next morning and realised that I was seeing 1s in front of stats that weren't really there. 4 pace, 4 acc, etc. :o The number of times this used to happen to me in the older FMs... especially when the other club was in Ligue 1 for some reason. Just before the January transfer window some mid-table Ligue 1 club would lowball me an offer for a player. I'd reject the offer and the player would throw a fit. I couldn't decide whether to use scumbag steve or this kid for that one lol. The 18 y/o keeper I loaned out went on an absolute tear and started putting out clean sheet after clean sheet (in League 2 no less!) I realised the loan had been a freebie,recalled him and put him in the first team. :o I had that with the chairman for Oxford in fm 2007! I took them over when they were in what is now the Blue Square Premier and was told essentially "no no we're far too big a club to have a parent club". Um... our seats are half empty every match, our wage budget is crap and we owe money. How about swallowing that pride and getting us some money?! hehe
  11. Thank you! I didn't know that but that's a grand idea Could someone please update the 13.2 patch thread with that information to keep lots of others from asking that?
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