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  1. presumingpete

    Most frustrating player

    Pato, spent 2 years worth of transfer budget to buy, scored 6 goals in 30 games with a low ave rating. all his fault not mine.
  2. yes but they have over exagerrated the lack of transfer activity at the top, the sudden drops in morale need fixed and the regens are a bit weird
  3. personally i wouldnt spend £30 on a data update when i could get one for free off the internet - it just wouldnt make any sense.
  4. presumingpete

    Can you spot the error...

    the headers stat isnt measured as out of 100% across both teams - the opposition may not challenge for headers on every occasion so the headers stat reflects the amount of times a play went to head the ball and won it. thanks for playing tho
  5. presumingpete

    Don't know what team to be...

    be forest and try get them back to the glory days
  6. presumingpete


    i thought this was gonna be a text message speak thread about dnl agr (daniel agger)
  7. presumingpete

    Oddity with 'offer to clubs' function

    ah i was coming to complaining about not being to offer groups of players on loan! The OP's issue is a bug i think, there is no reason why some players get a message saying nobody wants to make a bid and others dont.
  8. presumingpete

    Are you evil???

    maybe not evil but my captain complained to the press that he had no confidence of me so i stripped him of the captaincy
  9. presumingpete

    Thank you si

    nah its not about being a crap manager, but there are a lot of people who come on here ranting that the game is crap because they lose all the time, but they havent taken the time to build a solid formation/tactic. I think thats what the op is complaining about
  10. presumingpete

    Thank you si

    i think more people round here need to relax. its a very good game with issues that need ironed out. If you're taking offence to his post you have to remember how many people arent having problems with this at all and are really enjoying the game. its a challenge, if your tactics aren't working have a fiddle around half the fun of the game is working up to a tactic that suits your team.
  11. presumingpete

    Best FM Poll

    aww i thought this was a poll about what was the best FM Poll. disappointed now.
  12. presumingpete

    Retro game remake

    yeah, somebody did previously for 08 but i cant remember who
  13. presumingpete

    Finding Regens

    check mexico too. and denmark
  14. presumingpete

    How has your club faired under you?

    Millwall, starting season 3, promoted to the premier league and looking to avoid relegation thanks to the games generous transfer list
  15. presumingpete

    Anyone gone back to 2008? (Or '07 etc..)

    nope, 09 is hugely buggy but its still very playable and more fun than 08