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  1. Is lack of goalscoring common for the PF? Mason Greenwood has about 2 goals in 30 games as a starter. Team is winning but i'd like to get my striker scoring some goals.
  2. I tweaked mentality and am running Cautious as heavy underdog and bumping to Positive if I have the upper hand to try and force a goal. Working so far
  3. Hey Knap, Using your tactics for my promoted team in Premier League, media prediction 20th, huge underdog. Results home and away are night and day: Home I've lost 2 and away I have lost 5 by BIG SCORELINES. conceding 6,5,6,4,3... Home i'm using BEOWULF424 Press Away using Volante Anchor 424 Any ideas?
  4. Into third season and currently 2nd in League One having had back to back promotions. Eider Gudjohnson's son Andri is a machine for me. Didn't use him much last year but this year I put him into the starting line up at 18 as a poacher and he is scoring and assisting for fun.
  5. Same exact thing man, except i'm not even getting the deserved wins. Creating so many opportunities but nothing will go in, then I concede on every other chance at the other end. For example...
  6. Yep, dominated, Redshaw missed 5 or 6 CCC's. Thankfully my subs got it done. 'Losing' it in stoppage time after winning it in stoppage time is tough though.
  7. If ever there was a game to get me back into FM after a couple years absence...gutted but enthralled all at the same time,..
  8. Gonna try this with a 1-5 Promotion favorite, have been trying Argus 3-4-3 but currently with too many draws I'm 7th in the Vanarama Premier.
  9. What a name for a goalkeeper who looks like he could potentially be incredible!
  10. Just a quick question, for the Developing ST, why is the attacking slider so low?
  11. I think it's just the way the players on the black team are lined up as if about to observe a minutes silence...
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