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  1. I would like to play with Bosnia national teams and would be good to have all national competitions (from World cup to division III). U-20 and U-18 all national teams should be present. Also if there is no players in database fake players like in fm 2015 would be good. Pre game editor is must have so we could create leagues and custom national competitions.
  2. Thanks for fast response. Availability of national teams is crucial for me. All national tiers should be present. I want to play with my country and other players with their also. So national teams like Bosnia, Serbia, New Zealand, Turkey, Greecce should be available. I know that my country is worst on the world (Hong Kong-Bosnia and Herzegovina 8-0, today) but playing with national teams is most interesting for me. Also pre game editor similar to football manager is must have.
  3. Is it possible to be a manager of national team only? Is there national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina? It would be fantastic to lead your national team to glory!
  4. Now is ok. Reinstalled fm completely.
  5. Guys, I tried everything above (and downloaded updated skins, cleared cache, etc.). Skins wont appear in the game. Help is welcome!
  6. Dear fm friends, I created new nation and new league (instead Upper Volta), but only problem is that players wont go abroad. No one cant sign them. One time I took Barcelona, but players from new nation arent interested in contract. I tried several solutions: change transfer preferences etc., but nothing. Maybe problem is that nation cities are in Oceania and so far from others. Any opinions are welcome!
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