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  1. I think this might be a bug, or I dont understand something. But why is Sparta Prague playing in Best Placed stage when they won a title in previous season? There are two teams from Czech. I'm uploading save file named 'Sparta CL' but it will take a moment.
  2. This one is from 20.2.4 for sure Sparta Praha v Mladá Boleslav.pkm And maybe those two: Třinec v Sparta Praha.pkm Sparta Praha v Zittau.pkm But I do not remember exactly when I played this games.
  3. I'm really annoyed by penalties in FM 20. I was using beta for last two weeks, and from yesterday I'm on newest patch. I had in this season 9 penalties - 8 for my team and 1 for opponent. Only 2 of them were changed to goal. I attach pkm for those matches were penalties were missed. Sparta Praha v Dynamo Kyiv.pkm Liverpool v Sparta Praha.pkm Sparta Praha v Mladá Boleslav.pkm Sparta Praha v Třinec.pkm Sparta Praha v Zittau.pkm Třinec v Sparta Praha.pkm
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