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  1. It should be fixed in the full game anyway.
  2. Yes, Celta, Charlton and Real Sociedad.
  3. Portugal has lots of them: Farense Campomaiorense Boavista E. Amadora those spring to mind. Then you have: Perugia Messina Treviso Ascoli Pro Vercelli in Italy or... Southampton Newcastle Leeds Forest Norwich in England, and maybe... Livingston QOTS Inverness in Scotland.
  4. Brescia- my usual fail to get promoted. Then Ill see.
  5. 1) Dunno. But you can check it in the demo. 2) emergency-loans like Harewood are not counted 3) I aint 4) Some people use it either because its quicker or because it envolves imagination 5) Yes.
  6. Cant open Vanilla demo

    IINM, download it,add '.exe.' to the file name and then youll be prompted to install it
  7. Please help, Ive downloaded the Vanilla demo but my computer has no file to open it? Need help here
  8. I know people can get used to white skins by using them for one week. But I guess black would be better. How many of those who changed to dark, used the blackin skin or other dark skins last year?
  9. Ultimate Team of the Season

    World and Premiership teams 2025
  10. selecting leagues

    Why didnt you select 'Load all players from...'?
  11. Ultimate Team of the Season

    There is a world one as well. I would get mine in 2025 but cba atm.
  12. No national keeper

    I made a thread when I was Tunisia manager. Why arent grey GKs generated for human managers? I had to quit Tunisia because of this issue.
  13. ^A bit like this. I got sick of my Inter 2025 [where I started as AZ and went through a number of clubs until I reached Continental rep] because of that. I knew when I was going to win/draw/lose, I could almost bet on it. Thats why I made a new game...
  14. have you used fm editor or fmrte?

    I dont have the Data Editor so... no.