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  1. It's mostly the registered market values in the game, prior to any bidding, that I am thinking of. If you compare them with general knowledge, but also with places like Transfermarkt (amongst others) you'll see there are quite a few generous prices in this edition. Seamus Coleman at a book price of £30 million is perhaps one of the best examples in the premier league.
  2. If he was sold we could squeeze out more for him if he was playing well, as you say roughly £10 million. However as a market price, meaning if he was playing well he'd perhaps be sold for £15-£20 million, is absurd imo.
  3. Has anyone else found that quite a few of the prices in 2017 are really rather generous? Ryan Shawcross at £17.75 million, and Nathan Aké at £11.25 million are but two examples. As a Chelsea fan I would more than like to inflate Aké's price, however it is more around the £5 million mark. Shawcross is roughly around the £10 million mark. There are a fair few more, too.
  4. I was wondering if anyone out there has any significant knowledge regarding what happens post to removing various leagues that you set your current game up with. I started with my usual (England, Scotland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Brazil and Argentina), due to knowing I will restart as usual after the new year window closes I've decided to skim down and play quicker to make sure I have any new aspects conquered. Also with the transfers I like to reduce the relative "unreality" of the game by having all games post January 31st. So, I removed all but Eng, Ger, Fra, Spa, Bra and the Argies. What I was wondering was if it will take away all the relevant players from the database; you know, the ones who aren't in a general database, and are indeed why I added these leagues. Does it simply leave them but stop computing their leagues properly? Or does it sadly take away the players, too? I find it a little unlikely it would take the players too, and if it doesn't, I think I'll make it a practice for protocol from now on. If you don't know either way, but know a player who won't show up unless you have Portugal, Holland, Scotland, Brazil or Argentina loaded, them let me know. I could simply use the player as a yard stick to see if he has suddenly gone.
  5. Would you say that having this for home and easier opponents, and your other tactic for harder and away ones would be a good idea?
  6. You have managed to sod up a contract negotiation should you try again?
  7. I really think you are right. I went full of confidence for my A game against PS.G., Juve, and City, and, bar the usual little tweaking, they all worked out. Some humiliatingly well for me; but ashamedly for them. Thanks, I will now use this week to focus on our strengths and how to make sure they compose an irresistible force come Saturday. i.e duplicating thread, I don;t do it normally, and wouldn't have here, but the situation called for it.
  8. Leading up until a relatively surprising Champions League final... I have a week before my C/L final against Bayern Munich. I have used the past few days to rest my players after a season they only just won; and also trying to turn heads from the Bayern Camp, disrupt their concentration etc. What else can I do to maximise my changes of a victory, it could complete an amazing first season. THREAD ENDED.
  9. I have a week before my C/L final against Bayern Munich. I have used the past few days to rest my players after a season they only just won; and also trying to turn heads from the Bayern Camp, disrupt their concentration etc. What else can I do to maximise my changes of a victory, it could complete an amazing first season.
  10. My main idea would be as follows. We all know those supremely useful arrows, up and down beside a players name. How they make checking certain aspects of changing them accordingly of your whole squad a snip in comparison to using a differing method. Here is what I propose as what could be a huge leap forward. When in a list of players from a search, or from a transfer list for example, have pressing the arrow meaning it goes through them instead of the team mates. Then when you are back with your squad vice-versa. I know from personal experience how hand this would be, you want to judge about 20 players from a search on a certain stat, and yet instead of being able to do it seamlessly as with the function for squads, when you press the arrow it invariably takes you back to the team the player you are looking at is from. You could call it the "Situation Adjusting Arrow System" for example.
  11. Hrmmm, I suppose as it is only my first season in this game that might make sense. I've had no epic long games yet with this version of FM, so you never know, it might well improve as my standing amongst the footballing fraternity in my FM game gets better.
  12. Oh, they always say they'll fix it, every time. However they never ever do.
  13. Is there anyone who has succeeded in managing to convince a coach of a team that one of your players is at, to play the player in their proper agreed upon in the contract position? No matter which of the options I choose it never makes a fig of a difference. Do you need to use the right response with the right managers based on the manager's personality? If so, does anyone have any suggestions or compiled knowledge? Thanks for any help that is forthcoming, I have a lot of great youth players on loan to get them proper competitive play. Although they are all being played, as I made sure I accepted nothing below "First team" status on their loan contracts, many are totally out of position.
  14. Due to it being a day off my terminology is rather fuzzy, I do apologise. I mean when you move the bar furtherest to the left in "Scheduling" in order to facilitate as much team training as possible, therefore increasing the teams ability to absorb new tactical approaches. I also have the "General Training" setting as "Very High" on the above chosen area of "tactical" training. I only ever have this for the first few months of the very first year when teams aren't used to you or your way or playing/training. This set up without a doubt gets your team absorbing and practising the new system/systems far quicker than any other. The only draw back being is that it seems to mean quite a few injuries, or at least this times it does. It also means, until I can reduce this, I cannot specialise training at that also seems to suddenly increase injuries. So, for how long should you keep ramping up the tactical familiarity with your new tactics by your team? Until they are past 75% in each of the eight areas in compatibility: Formation, Mentality, Passing Style, Creative Freedom, Closing Down, Marking, Tempo, Width? Until they are at the maximum? I already have my own theory that I mostly stick to, however this struck me as one of those interesting little asides that this game is famous for and exploits so well.
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