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  1. So, erm, any reason to actually, you know, watch a game now? It's been a month or two. I was so disappointed earlier, watching was too much.
  2. I think Benitez told them before the game that every goal they scored counted for a point in the table.
  3. He really did his best to mess it up, though.
  4. Okay, that was one of a few posts I skimmed through. Apologies if I've offended either of you, y'all seem the right type. What I was going for, and that I do mean, is that lately people will take any reason to jump on Chelsea for anything. Which is silly. I haven't really posted here much lately, and it's mostly because this team's been ******* me off pretty heartily with, you know, a lot of stuff. There just seems to be a double standard, which is all I meant. Also saying "well don't cry about it" when complaining about something is just a bit silly. Not to mention just a bad argument in general.
  5. Could just as easily say "well you could just not cry about it". Certain fans don't want him in charge of their club and are actively showing it, that's all. Nothing wrong here. Ah, but because it's Chelsea, of course there is.
  6. I remember when scoring goals on this team used to be difficult.
  7. Also whichever Shakhtar player whiffed on the header just before Oscar took control. Oscar wasn't even making a play on it until it fell straight to him...the Shakhtar guy could have easily connected on that one.
  8. Is there anyone who would prefer Sturridge over Torres?
  9. Blatant is a bit strong, no? Nothing on the first one, hardly anything on that one...
  10. This I can support. But I really hope the team isn't going to be content with that.
  11. Except getting no points. Doesn't really matter what should/could have happened, but what did happen. Which is two red cards and a thrown away performance against a close rival.
  12. Just need to get the ball to his head, clearly.
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