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  1. Hi, Im not sure if this has been brought up already on the FAQ, but I was advised to get help form here I have a problem with both Football Manager 2008 and 2009 on my new laptop 08- I have installed fm08 before on this laptop and it worked perfectly. However, yesterday, I started up football manager 08, and during the startup, it came up with an error box, whic said, 'Unable to change to full screen'. The game then shut down when it got to the main menu screen. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, as well as shutting down the laptop. I think my screen resolution has changed, but Im not sure why or how I can rectify it, or even what to rectify it to. 09- I installed fm09 on my computer because I was unable to get fm08 working. I installed it with steam and downloaded the game. However, when I asked steam to launch the game, it said 'Launchign Football manager 2009', and then did nothing. I then looked in my processes in task manager, and it said fm09 was running, but it wasn't. I then uninstalled it and tried to install it with unicon, but this didnt work either. Once again, I uninstalled it, and tried to install it wiht steam, but this time, when trying to download upgrades for steam, it said there was an error, soemthing abotu a code i think. I have tried to install other manager games, such as the old championship managers, and they havent worked because of something to do with the screen resolution also. Im actually getting quite desperate, and im already quite annoyed because i was doing briliantly on fm08 game. Please help, any feedback would be most welcome.
  2. 08- For some reason I cant change my resolution, but it is set at the lowest so all i need to do is find out how to correct that
  3. 09- Yes it is running, but even when I tell it to end that process, and try to load fm09 up again, nothing happens 08- I ddon't think I have changed anything since it was working, it just happened overngith but I dunno why
  4. Oh right I know what a netbook is now, and no it isn't
  5. Hey, thanks for this advice, but (and probably because I didnt really know what I was doing) this didnt help Football Manager load. Thanks anyway
  6. Im not sure, Im crap with computers and have no idea what a netbook is Please tell me more
  7. I know what you mean Why didnt they jsut keep it simple like fm08, altho obviously I have a problem with that as well
  8. Thanx m8 I shall try this Thanx alot for the help, even if it isnt succesful
  9. Hey, I have just bought a new laptop and installed Football Manager 2008 on it. It worked prefectly until today, when I tried to run Football Manager 2008, and during the startup, it said 'Unable to open fullscreen mode'. The game then shut down. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall, as well as restarting the computer. As well as this, I installed Football Manager 2009 with Steam, however, when I ask the computer to launch Football Manager 2009, nothign happens. I then try again, and it says that 'Football Manager is already running'. This is just plain confusing, and pparently it has nothing to do with the laptop. Someone please help!!!