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  1. Cheers for the reply. Unistalled it - using add/remove programs - and dowloaded it again using steam. The problem is still there...although it didn't ask me to activate it again...merely mentioned that it was installing some activator thing but the key was obviously still on the comp. Very confuzzled...
  2. FM09...it says I do. No idea what's wrong mate...any help would be mucho appreciated
  3. Thanks for replying, apologies for being vague. Whenever I boot up FM - after loading or creating a save file - the game gives me a message saying: 'copy protection failed...the copy protection system was unable to verify your copy of football manager. Please ensure you have a valid DVD in your drive when the game starts'. I have the original DVD and the game has worked perfectly for many moons prior to this. I have tried searching for many fruitless hours but it seems I am alone in having this problem.
  4. Needless to say...i have a valid DVD and have inserted it, alas. I've also tried reinstalling the program - although steam makes this hard; only deleted local content and reinstalled. The program used to work fine...now it, obviously, doesn't work at all...any help would be greatly appreciated!