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  1. hey guys i have one querry. as you have mentioned in the tips and tweaks part to close down a superb winger. but should we close down players like ronaldinho or gerrard or messi who are superb mid fielders but often played as wingers. do we have to close down all superb mid fielders like lampard, ballack or only superb wingers like robben, cole is a mid fielder but is often played as a right winger in the game. do we have to close him down just like robben?
  2. best tactic ever created works with any club or country hail fuss and lambs thanks a lot for all your hard work
  3. no tweaks requried mate..if you are in need of a goal remove counter attack or also if your playing agaisnt a team with a defensive formation. if still not scoring change the pasing to mixed. but most importantly you players should be used to the tactic for the tweaks to work
  4. outstanding tatcic. i am in 2012. my club aston villa is the richest club now thanks to lambs and fuss. the value is a staggering 476 million. i am the first seed for the champions league draw. i have just won the european championship with mexico. you guys have created one of the best tactic ever. you should be really awarded for your outstanding work. you have cracked the game finally. i went on an unbeaten run of 41 league games in all competitions. tip for others. if u find that the tactic isnt working. give your players the time to adjust to this tactic. and dont keep on changing the play
  5. this has to be the best tactic. works superbly with any club once your players get used to it. i am with villa second season. won the league and the F.A. cup first season. winning against chelsea, manchester united without any defensive play or any defensive formation. trust me guys this is the best tactic. give it a go. thanks a lot lambs and fuss. i know using this tactic is a kind off cheating. but the results are simply awesome.
  6. and hey. i have also tried the man marking wingers and strikers option. are they too good for me?? or is there any way to beat them? please reply
  7. hey lambs can you please help me out. i am with chievo first season champions league. first knouckout round opponent is arsenal. i tried playing a defensive line(deep). two defensive mid fielder option but to no avail. i always loose 4-0, 2-0. i have reached this point with the v4 without cheating. i know this cheating. but can you please help me out further with the tweaks useful for a small club like chieve against arsenal. i will be really very gratefull. thank you
  8. best tactic on fm 07. i was in the knockout stages. with osasuna. won the cl with this tactic. beat inter. manu. barca. thank you fuss
  9. hey lambs. you said you guys are going to release it on tuesday rite?? atleast release now
  10. sorry. i didnt know its not allowed. i promise i wont post again till the tactic is released.
  11. ok. but please do not warn me cleon. you have created an absolutely awesome forum here. one of the best on the net. i cant stay away from it. please. sorry once again. i am just an innocent boy ya.
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