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  1. A very topsy-turvy season with arsenal just keeping their noses in the league, either way this is an incredible set of tactics only signed buttner and rhodes, also won league and FA cups. http://i60.tinypic.com/5yst9f.png
  2. I've brought back medel and used him to mark the strikers it seems to be working, i've got a feeling aggression plays a part of defending corners.
  3. I've really struggled using Cardiff with both S&S and RM even with the corner defensive tweaks i seem to not be able to get out of the corner and end up conceding either straight from the corner or seconds later.
  4. The joy is back!

    Haven't lost since the new patch has come out wth my default Cardiff squad All i did was use the shouts get ball forward and pass into space, i also changed crossing to drill them in great tactic
  5. Aaron Ramsey - PA Spoilers

    His -10 rating was due to his injury, personally at Cardiff he was a -9 at best.
  6. The way the tactic has played for me would suggest ML.
  7. It would depend on many factors inccluding your connection speed, even a rough guess would be totally random.
  8. Maybe we should be signing up to steam to get onto the forums aswell
  9. I guess i'm buying the disc then thanks for your help guys.
  10. Ii couldn't be bothered reading through 37 pages so i have a simple question. So regardless of how i buy FM 2012 i have to install steam and register online? doesn't that kind of throw away the point of having a disc in the first place?
  11. It shouldn't matter what speed you play it at but holidaying isn't suggested.
  12. http://www.gamefront.com/files/20739047/CM+Punk+-+The+Best+Wrestler+In+The+World!+%28Liverpool%2C+Oct+2010%29.tac I hope Mr. Hough doesn't mind i re-uploaded it.
  13. No just copy and paste it, save the tactic don't open it.
  14. Download the tactic and simply paste it too C:\Users\Name\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\tactics The go to the tactic’s screen in game and you can access any tactics you’ve added via that screen.