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  1. For balance - I've always used 2D classic and have absolutely no problem using it this year (now that I've disabled the flashing adverts).
  2. SI have already responded to this on another thread: When I read the original thread, before I had the game, I was disappointed with the decision. However, now that I've had chance to see how it works in the game I don't see what the problem is. I have a high resolution laptop screen and was worried about text, but there's a slider in preferences that allows you to scale text to almost double the 'normal' size and that makes everything work well for me.
  3. I've got my AM setting up individual training for my first team. Some players, who I've also asked to do other training (PPM or new position) are unhappy with their high workload. If I remove their individual training they're happy, but then the AM adds it back again. Is there any way around this other than to set all individual training manually?
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