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  1. Yes, thank you for the suggestion. FM Touch is not a solution for me - I enjoy most parts of the wider game, especially youth development, training up players, press interaction, etc., just not the complexity of the tactical side. Anyway, I've decided the only way to see whether it's for me is to buy the game and give it another go. As Sedge11 suggests, I'll start simple and see how things pan out.
  2. For balance - I've always used 2D classic and have absolutely no problem using it this year (now that I've disabled the flashing adverts).
  3. SI have already responded to this on another thread: When I read the original thread, before I had the game, I was disappointed with the decision. However, now that I've had chance to see how it works in the game I don't see what the problem is. I have a high resolution laptop screen and was worried about text, but there's a slider in preferences that allows you to scale text to almost double the 'normal' size and that makes everything work well for me.
  4. Please could you tell me where? There's an option to stop clicking on ads from taking you to a website, but that's all I can see.
  5. Started a Manchester City save in the beta because they've got some wonderful players, but I just couldn't get interested. As soon as the full release came out I started a save with my beloved Blades and it's going much better
  6. The flashing adverts are killing me. Has anyone found a way to turn them off?
  7. Following this thread with interest. I've been playing this series since CM3 and it's my favourite type of computer game, but I'm simply not interested in investing months reading through hundreds of threads on tactics and then hours before each game analysing the opposition and adjusting my team accordingly. I put over 6,000 hours into FM12, 500 into FM15, and nothing since. I've been missing it and was very keen to buy into FM18. I'm not complaining. SI have constantly sought to make the tactical side of the game more onorous and they're entitled to do so. Many people enjoy that side of things - fine. But it's not for me, and after the first few posts holding out some hope that there may be a way back into the game for players like me, all those since (including those peoploe defending the system) are making it more and more clear that Football Manager is no longer a game that I would enjoy playing.
  8. I've had some success with this tactic but I'm really struggling this year. It's my first year in the Premiership and I'm getting taken to pieces every time I play a big club. I suspect some of new best players, being new signings from abroad, may be taking time to adjust, and morale isn't great due to all the defeats, but that can't explain quite how badly I'm doing. I've moved to playing with three at the back in big games away from home, which helps a bit although it really blunts the attacking prowess. Glad to hear it works well fo other people. I'll keep plugging away and see if I can work out where I'm going wrong. Thanks for the tactic Tweebier. I've had a few years of good success with it.
  9. Hurray! It's nice when things like this actually work like you want them to.
  10. I'm loving the 2016 beta so far. I've been particularly pleased by the touch interface: it will be great to play during long journeys on cramped coaches. Regarding touch, one comment I have is that interfacing with lists is not intuitive. On the squad screen, for example, it's instinctive to simply be able to swipe up/down to scroll through the players, but this doesn't work. The only alternative - a miniscule scroll bar - is not a touch-friendly solution and makes scrolling difficult. I apprecaite that you need a solution that also allows drag/drop, but this is viable - scolling is a split-second interaction while drag/drop is based on click & hold. Scrolling on drop-down boxes is also difficult, albeit not for the same reason. These are not major issues and touch is still perfectly viable, but so far are the interface issues that stand out as having potential for improvement.
  11. Haha, I've noticed that as well. I compared it to injuries while you're playing - an orange injury doesn't force you to take the player off immediately, but my instinct is that you always should. I suppose that's a bit different to your coach explicitly telling you they're OK to play. For me, orange == red.
  12. In previous versions of the game I've always found it pretty easy to pick up good goalkeepers. I've always aimed to have a main goalie and a good young understudy who plays 15ish less important games a season. After 7/8 or so seasons when the #1 goalie wants to move elsewhere or we get a ridiculous offer I sell him, the understudy is now good enough to be #1, and I pick up a new ~20 year old to carry on the cycle.
  13. But why? If, as has been suggested, the benefit of coaches passing a course is an attribute increase then surely the worst coaches are those who already have all of the qualifications?
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