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  1. Are you going to make one for fm 13?
  2. I haven't made any other adjustments. Am I not suppose to have other downloads running? Edit: that's not it, as I just tried it as the only mod active and got the same message
  3. I'm having a problem... i get a message saying that "minimum number of teams for USL-Pro West (25) conflicts with maximum number of teams from this competition required
  4. Also. If I stay strong in these friendlies against reserve teams of higher caliber, will my clubs rep increase?
  5. I will look to see if championship/league 1 teams can bring in anymore money
  6. So, I hold friendlies with reserve pen teams that require anywhere from 16-18K to come. It is projected that ill get anywhere from 20-22K for each one of these friendlies. However, after most of them, I end up in the red after. What is the problem?
  7. What is too much of a fee?
  8. So I am playing in my second season as Emurica F.C. (Taken the place of Barking). How do I turn semi-pro? Do I have to get promoted? How do I keep mid table so I can improve my facilities? How do I gain enough money to improve my stuff (friendliest don't seem to help)
  9. If you manage both a club and a nation, will players from the nation you coach be more wiling to play for you at your club?
  10. I was wondering if there were any more advantages in FM 13
  11. Hi there, I was wondering what the downside was (besides longer loading times) of playing with multiple downloaded databases were (if none intersect; AKA, England, Japan, Thai, Argentina, Spain, etc.)
  12. which folder, i am using steam and have forgotten how to make sure it is in the game.
  13. I just downloaded a database and have forgotten how to get them downloaded in my FM13. Is it different than in 12?