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  1. FMTN Grid Tactic

    Could you please give me your match prep?
  2. FM11: Alex Sandro

    I got him in the second season to replace eric abidal for £16.75M
  3. FM11: Alex Sandro

    Name: Alex Sandro Lobo Silva Club: Santos D.O.B: 26/1/1991 Nationality: Brazil Position: Left Wingback Strengths: Dribbling,Crossing,Teamwork,Workrate,Pace,Acceleration Weaknesses: Strength, heading, jumping Description: Cultured Full Back/Wonderkid Personality: Balanced Suggested Roles: Wing Back - Attack/Auto Alex Sandro is a typical Brazilian wingback in the sense that he is more comfortable going forward then defending. 2010 2012
  4. So....Mantralux whats the minimum requirement of the key attributes then??? (out of 20) Background Concentration – ? Determination – ? Teamwork – ? Work Rate – ? Prime attributes Technique – ? Anticipation – ? Creativity – ? Decisions – ?
  5. The touchline shout "pump ball into box" sets passing to long. I also play a target man and a poacher upfront.
  6. Has anyone got any idea's on how to adopt a long ball game in a 4-4-2 formation? For example in the 1980’s, Wimbledon and Watford had big, physical target men to look for (as Bolton do today in Kevin Davies) and willing runners from midfield to collect the knock downs, achieving a good deal of success without relying on technically gifted players. I'm trying to build a side with everyone at least 6ft+ and really good in the air and try playing long ball, but i don't know where to start any help? This is what i got so far, but my team rarely play the long ball?:confused: Touchline Shouts -Pump Ball Into Box -Get Stuck In -Hassle Opponents
  7. I'v have been watching the match engine closely for some time and I still havent figured it out. I still havent worked out what the value "X" is ?? any help also is anyone having success scoring on the counter attack??
  8. Sir Alex Ferguson

    Upload the tactic on http://www.zshare.net/ copy n paste the link
  9. Sir Alex Ferguson

    so how would you re-create this counter attacking tactic SAF used against arsenal you remember this classic goal last season ???
  10. Sir Alex Ferguson

    fabio mvp that would be helpful if you could upload the tactic
  11. How would you set up Sir Alex Ferguson tactic that he uses IRL??? 4-4-2 Philosophy - ? Strategy - ? Passing Style - ? Creative Freedom - ? Closing down - ? Tackling - ? Marking - ? Crossing - ? Roaming - ? roles? duties?
  12. how do i rip teams apart with counter attacking football in fm 2010 any help on the settings? i'm trying to re-create this goal against arsenal 4-4-2 Philosophy - ? Strategy - ? Passing Style - ? Creative Freedom - ? Closing down - ? Tackling - ? Marking - ? Crossing - ? Roaming - ? -------------------------------------------------------- Players Roles GK - DR - DL - DC - DC - MR - ML - MC - MC - ST - ST - any suggestions and comments are appreciated.