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  1. Oh wow, just got a chance to comment on that season. Very, very impressive! Well done!
  2. Well done! I'm in my 2nd season in the Championship and realising it's going to be a lot harder than I thought... any tips for finally cracking it?
  3. You're describing me! I stick to fairly basic tactics and try to influence the game with my shouts. Keeping morale up is tough when you can easily lose a game you have dominated. Stadium should make a difference though - what capacity did you have before? It won't be long before you're filling 17,000 seats though, especially if you get to the Prem!
  4. The Championship is a tough, tough league. I'm there at the moment (managing everybody's favourite, MK Dons) in FM12 and there are so many games where the difference between winning and losing is just a bit of luck. Stick at it, because I'm sure as soon as you hit the Prem you'll do great.
  5. Just started reading this - love it! I would definitely have to say that, with regards to the Chievo job, I have taken the offer in situations like this a couple of times and always tend to regret it, unless it was always my intention to move on. You've achieved so much, you can smell the rarefied air the Prem!
  6. Is that Green Man Gaming 20% off voucher actually working for anyone? Tells me that 'You have no appropriate items in your basket to apply this voucher to. Please note that we do not accept vouchers for games which are on special offer.'
  7. Hey SFraser, thanks for the brilliant thread. One quick question: I've stumbled upon two excellent youth prospects with flair of 18 and 19 respectively. Would getting a tutor with lower flair to tutor them decrease their flair ratings? I don't have any players with flair quite so high so I'm not quite sure how to best nurture these talents. Also, the former (with flair 18, also determination 18, decisions 18, off the ball 16 etc) has teamwork 2. Again, any way to improve that without negatively impacting the others? Is it just match practice that'll help? They're aged 15 and 16, if that helps.
  8. Congratulations! You've done it! Been following this for months now, great to see you're now on what I'd consider the home straight
  9. TV money in Spain

    Do you receive it all at the end of the season then? I just got Pontevedra promoted to La Liga and have proceeded to make monthly losses of 500k with no TV money. Hoping it'll turn up at the end of the season!
  10. Yeah! Steam and SI FTW! Thanks for the thread, looking forward to playing without the 'Current' tactic bug.
  11. Legend, a Machinima director playing FM! I've always wondered how long it would be before someone started making FM videos. I guess it's a bit harder to make than a CoD video, but still. Best of luck, I'll be following!
  12. Could you give an example? Whenever I tell a player they've been performing badly (last 5 games avg rating of 6.4, for example), they throw a hissy fit, so I've stopped trying!
  13. How do you get such good youth intakes?! Kjellman looks like a definite future star!
  14. You must be dead chuffed with Yoshikawa, especially seen as he's only 19! Congrats - Champo League awaits!
  15. Youth facilities

    Don't worry, he was joking! I quite liked the phrase myself