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  1. Nah Im not thats what I thought to start off with but I unticked each one to see if it works or not but maybe Ill look again & see whats happened, Im assuming thats the problem, Ive got that African players database & Nik33s datapacks up there aswell would that be a problem cos MGs update is fine with them.
  2. I just tried starting a new game with this latest update & for some reason it wont let me play in the following counties Belgium - Requires maximum of 16 teams for Jupiler League, found 17 Holland - Requires maximum of 18 teams in Eredivise found 19 & Requires minimum of 18 teams only found 17 Italy - Requires maximum of 20 teams in Serie A found 21 & Requires minimum of 22 teams in Serie B only found 21 Portugal - Requires maximum of 16 teams in Liga ZON Sagres it found 18 & Requires minimum of 16 teams in Liga Orangina found only 14 Spain - Requires maximum of 20 teams for Liga BBVA it found 23 & Requires minimum of 22 teams in Liga Adelante found only 19 Turkey - Requires maximum of 18 teams found in Super Lig found 21 & Requires maximum of 17 teams for 1.Lig only found 14 A few questions on this 1.) Is anyone else had this come up ? 2.) If you havent then any idea why Im getting this ? 3.) How to sort this out so I can play this update ? Any help would be much appreciated
  3. Ignore my last post Ive just realised what Ive done wrong.
  4. Hiya just wondering is anyone else having problems with changeing the transfer budgets for this data update cos I started a new game with Norwich & Swansea & they had 0 transfer budget so I used the editor to change the balance & transfer budgets for both teams, I then started a new game but still 0 in the transfer budget so I used FMRTE to change the transfer budgets & even through it does come up with the right transfer budgets in the board room it still comes up as 0 when buying a player, anyone else haveing this problem.
  5. Do any of these files work they seem to be full of errors from what Ive noticed, Im assuming its the error of 11.3 thats stoping you from doing this.
  6. Sorry Im confused Ive downloaded it but there doesnt seem to be an editor to click on just the resources etc, can someone help me please.
  7. Thank u for the link mate much appreciated.
  8. Can someone post a link on here please cos the front page of this thread says download coming soon, sorry for the inconvinence.
  9. Can someone tell me is this editor out or is it a working progress I know it might sound stupid just wanted to clarify it.
  10. There is no icon to click on for an editor Ive got everything else just not the editor itself.
  11. Cant someone help me please there doesnt seem to be anything to click on for the editor.
  12. Ive downloaded the app from fmcenter but have I missed something here but there isnt any editor to click on, is anyone else having this problem.
  13. Sorry just reread the first post on here I know how to do it now thanks
  14. How do I check for regens I know people have explained on here but how do I search for regens
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