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  1. I am no expert at valuating the ME, far from it in fact, As for pure gameplay experience any version with the sliders are my favourites in regards to actually coaching the team and setting up tactics and playing on match day. Probably more daunting to learn but once you got the hang of it so much more control. Now this is a really bad example of how i feel the newer ME's work but hopefully you get the gist. Its like rock paper scissors , the only choices you get are what colour to use. To me it feels like they have dumbed down the ME to be less intuitive and more rigid as it knows its playing rock papper scissors and only need to know how to do these things. I just cannot get the level of control over the tactics than what I have when using sliders. (Yes i still play versions using sliders) The introduction of sideline shouts and having to use them as part of your base tactic was flawed (example , i had a winger that was world class dribbler and the only way I could get him to dribble down the right wing was to use the touchline shout) along with getting rid of the sliders killed the game for mine. I used to buy every version up until 2015 after that it lost me and -played 2012 mostly. Dipping my toe into the water with 2020 version all though still early days (only 2 months into my first season ) I wont be buying 2021. Having said that i really do like some of the features the game has now, like being able to save tactics per individual player in a particular position, the communication with players seems better fleshed out , The graphics engine is a bit of a let down after not playing for 5 versions This is just my opinions and not any factual statement edit: To Answer the question , 2010 from a matchday experience. Actually 2010 version with all the new non tactic features would be brilliant.
  2. As a lurker just wanted to encourage you in your endeavours . I am enjoying your posts
  3. Then why do we have names for anything ? Maybe if the thingy was alittle more spasmodic then eventually 4 will equal 16. Oh crap i guess you know what i mean as i didn't use the right name/terminology but thats not important as long as you know what i does. :/
  4. Disagree completely , a shout is the manager on the sidelines barking out instuctions to his players in game and that is how shouts were promoted when they were implemented to the game. Like in life attention to detail on the little things allows the big things to work.
  5. Then they need to be called Additional instructions in the next version and not shouts . So now I am assuming we need set up a fairly generic framework in which we use the shouts to fine tune to how we want to play. Then does the use of differing shouts change how familiar the team is in the tactic . ie Say i have a stock standard 442 everything set to auto or default . I use a set off shouts that will produce a possession based game and another set that produces a dour defensive based game. When i change between these shouts will that effect how familiar my team is with the tactic ? Its a question i dont know the answer. It should change it dramatically apart from the formation it will play totally different (well hopefully) . What im getting at here is if it doesnt then its a cheat , as if had made these two different tactics in the TC then it would take time for the team to learn them. If using shouts on a generic basic framework will allow you have allmost any tactic be very familiar for the team as long as you stay in the same formation. Considering my team can only learn three tactics , if using shouts by passes this and allows my team to know 18+ different tactics It kinda defeats the purpose.
  6. wwfan "Shouts are an advanced strategy, which is why you can load them en bloc before a game starts. A lot of the better tacticians have a number of shout groups pre-made, which they can then load up in a match. You need to think of them as an integral part of match preparation that players are ready to switch to whenever the right situation applies. Thinking of them as panicky, last-minute screams obviously makes them look unrealistic. I recognise that this is not clear enough in the game, but it has been slowly becoming more explicit. " See this is where its wrong, they should not be an advanced strategy that is part of of your core tactic . For instance if i want my team to exploit the flanks and overlap this is done in the normal tactics by having your wb on run forward often and your wingers set to move into channels or cut inside and forward runs to sometimes and focus passing down both flanks. The Shout , "exploit the flanks" should only be needed when you are changing tactic mid game along with "look for overlap". They should be used only to change from your tactic on the fly not be part of its base. A "shout" is out to the players on the pitch in action not something that is pretold to them . Well that is what I think it should be . If not they should be called additional instructions inside the TC. I should not need to rely on shouts to get my base tactic to work as intended but in FM 13 it kinda feels like you do.
  7. Does that include a positive effect or just a negative effect ? It would be both i hope but i doubt it. I play cricket and when I'm nervous is when I play at my best as I'm more alert and not over confident and stick to what i now i can and cant do. The morale system seems to me to be to much of an influence in FM 13 and fickle , lose a game and the morale is blown completley , give the wrong talk to some one and the other players get upset by it . I'm sure the ME tactics side is as brilliant as people say it is as i have seen some beautifull play in game, but for a layman like my self when i use the TC to create a high d line/ possesion based game and the game doesnt play like that at all , so i changed to a TC counterattack tactic only to find that the Counterattack tactic works exactly how i wanted my High d/line/pos tactic to work , well then something isnt right . The glaring mistakes/bugs (bad programming) of defenders/ keepers just not going for the ball is totally unacceptable and should never be accepted by anyone.IF they happen again in FM 14 the those responsible need to be held accountable. Been playing since fm 2007 so I'm no novice and FM 13 is the most unfun game. A totall lack of immersion and feels way to random and gives managers like my self no feedback to know what where doing wrong . I think the over reliance on shouts is painfull your starting tactic shouldnt need any shouts at all they should be there to change things on the fly only not to be an integral part of the tactic. Just imagine the players walk out of the tunnel and just as the whistle blows the managers start screaming out all this stuff before a ball is kicked in anger , Its not more depth its more complication and totally unrealistic. And please get rid of the tone on team talks and player interaction , The options we had before were fine , angry, not happy , encourage . I dont know how to encourage my players now. No matter what is said someone loses morale more often than not , even when saying pleased :/. I write this not to bag the game but hopefully to let Si know what went so wrong in FM 13 for players like myself.
  8. Yeah changed to 3 strikers. One central and the other two still out very wide I'll try that thanks I havn't really been able to test alot as in 3 of the 4 games i have played i have had a red card :/ the last one was with a player with 9 for agression and tackling on normal . I am seriously thinking of dumping 2103 and trying this on 2012 , 2013 is just to buggy still , ie : A player was called for offside when there was three defenders easily 5 yards goal side of him :/. It didnt change anything as he got tackled asap anyhow but what if he was clear on goal ?? And there is still numerous other little things that dont add up .
  9. I placed the AMC as a DLF on support and now he is where i want him allmost all the time. Nacer Barazite is my Starting AMC/ DLF were in ligue 2 with monaco so is easliy good enough however to be competitive in Ligue 1 he will need work on his off the ball and anticipation Yeah i am having trouble getting my IF's to move into the channels soon enough and often enough , both have the right PPMs for IF's but again like Nacer their off the ball skill is average for this comp. Im thinking of using shouts play narrow and exploit the flanks as my next move . Im thinking that that will force the IF's in a bit tighter and with the fullbacks on hug touchline will still give me width . The down side is my 3 central mids might become to congested ?? We'll see . I didnt want to use three strikers but at least it i have the structure i want now and will allow to start tweaking other things. I'm trying to change one thing a time so to see the full effect of that one change so as to hopefully better understand the ME and tactical application. If i get sacked i'll just start a new manager and take over the team again so i havn't got the pressure of results
  10. Send them out on loan then recall them asap . But i think you cant use the tutor straight away ? if you try this do a save before hand to check.
  11. Send them out on loan then recall them asap . But i think you cant use the tutor straight away ? if you try this do a save before hand to check.
  12. At a glance i would put him as mcL . Your stL is attack your current mcL is defend so their is a big hole there . Your stR is support same as your Mcr so they will be using the same space. Let Briseño use that space behind the attacking striker. Also your other CM is a dlp so you have two play makers i "think" its best to have just one playmaker.
  13. The idea is to have to wide strikers moving from wide into the channels hopefully also crossing to each other but also utilising the amc , but the amc is hardly ever where i want him . IF the Amc was sitting in the hole in front of their defenders then he can spray passes to them moving in thru the channels or to the two box to box midfielders that stream past him. Why i have them as inside forwards is the game wont allow me to set a normal striker role for them as they are the in widest starting positions(Ideally i want to set them in the 2nd and 4th strikers positions but again the game wont allow that unless i use a 3rd striker in the central spot another flaw in the game imo). So only lets me set winger, IF or def winger. In previous versions you could set those out wide striker positions to any of the striker roles but not now. But that aint the issue the issue is getting that amc to stay semi advanced and central . Changing him to AMC support and dropping his creative freedom manually seems the only option . Melbourne Victory do this with their strikers/advanced wingers . I could just have the 3 upfront and have the central striker as a dlp but i am also wanting more defense from the amc that that will give , as i am letting my two strikers do nothing but attack. Also then its just a generic 4-3-3 formation that ive done before. Basically i want him as an advanced play maker creating chances for others and or recycling possession back to the defensive central mid / full backs over lapping
  14. Hi . I am trying to create a similiar tactic to Melbourne Victory and having a few problems translating my ideas into the game. Sorry cant post screenies so i'll type out formation . FB (auto )... CD (def)...CD (def)... FB (auto) ............................................................ .........BBM (sup)...CM (def)... BBM(Sup)...... .........................AM (sup) ...................... Also tried him as AP. IF (att)........................................IF (att). Wish i could give them normal striker roles but this version classes them as wingers :/ No shouts used as trying to get a base first that will do what i want. Style Balanced. Strategy Standard. Not tinkered with any sliders. I want to play a possession game that will also have lightning quick attacks when possible. Fullbacks that overlap . The two strikers to stay forward and not defend alot so to punish their over commited Fb's. The 2 BBM's to cover the opposition full backs when needed. The Amc to sit in the hole in front of their back 4 and feeding passes to either the 2 strikers or the advancing BBMs. Main troubles i'm having atm . The Amc is the main source of frustration he seems to endlessly not be in position , he has not got free role or roam from position i often find him out near the wings . I need him to stay central . All the mids seems to get in each others way. I would like to drop the Cm(def) back to a DM postion (as he is to far up the pitch) but if i do that then the BBM's dont cover the Oppositions Full backs. So i need advice on how to keep that AMC central , and if i go to a diamond shape midfield how can i get my 2 BBM's to close down on the opposition's wide players. I have a few other problems but if i can sort these out then maybe the others will be easy to fix . I want to use shouts but first i want to get the basic formation where i want them.
  15. lol rather a large assumption there I'll make another educated assumption , for every person that complains 10 stay silent , Now this assumption is based on all my years of retail experience and market studies by huge retail chains .
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