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  1. PELE - What a Player!

    1. Wrong sub-forum. 2. FAIL Thread. 3. Pele was way ahead of his time, but if you compare him to todays professionals, he's nothing special.
  2. In FM 2010 Turkey was dominating the international competitions by 2012, in FM 2011, Turkey is nowhere to be seen. Scotland and Belguim are quite overrated imo, i know Belguim has some quite good youngsters but i doubt it's enough to get them past the World up group stage.
  3. Why does Prima have 99 points, with 19 games won?
  4. PowerGens 2011

    Hmm, i notice very few talents coming out from North America, most of the talents from obscure countries are from Africa, i have yet to see a good regen from the USA or Canada.
  5. Release: Battle of the Titans

    Where should i install the picturepack?
  6. Unknown Hacker's World Super League 2011

    The list in your link is ridiculous! Hilarious actually. Good job with the SuperLeague, how far have you tested it? I've tried creating a superleague many times, but it usually crashes several seasons in.
  7. Rob's Super League Database - FM11

    I'll give it a go, good work!
  8. Double check the wage number, maybe you missed out a zero. If that and nothing else helps, try setting his wages to 2.8M, maybe then he will have 280k wages.
  9. Slowly, but surely, PC gaming is dieing. All anti-piracy measures have resulted with legal customers getting a harder hit than pirates, increasing piracy as well. And the only solution, digital online activation has resulted in certain companies ripping off people. (*cough* Steam *cough*) Face it SI, single player gaming doesn't have a dark future, it has no future at all. From one side we have pirates, from other side we have scammer corporations such as Valve. It's hard to pick the smaller evil.
  10. Not all agents are very flexible when negotiating. If your star players hire one of those agents, you're pretty screwed. They should tone down the agents' temperament.
  11. Save games aren't saved where your game is installed, but where your game documents are, by default in My Documents/Sports Interactive/saved games. Most likely you don't have enough free space on the drive that folder is in.
  12. Ronaldo's transfer was one of the biggest in football history. In the demo, half of my players want that much money and more for a signing on fee. About the unrealistic agent fees, i bet a real-life agent doesn't get more than 10-15% of the transfer fee. In the demo, the agents want from 50-75% of the transfer worth. And, no Man City and their reckless spending isn't an argument or a point.
  13. Least used game feature.

    I learnt about the Media History feature from this thread. This kinda answers OP's question about the least used feature.
  14. Least used game feature.

    Watching the Automated Draw on the first round n the FA Cup is pretty much wasting a lot of time, i only watch draws from quarter-finals and above.
  15. steam updating taking ages.

    That is one of the reasons i don't use Steam at all.