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  1. alslammerzredux

    Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    Hey so any suggestions about this? At all? Since you know, Sega apparently took a summer vacation and their customer service has done nothing and I haven't received a response to me telling you folks that your plan isn't working and didn't work. It's not able to deactivate the code. Better still, it tells me that the code is already in use, but then it adds an activation to my account. And gosh jolly gee, that activation code can't be deactivated either. And Steam is not letting me fully uninstall this wonderful game and if I do it through my computer, Steam still thinks it's there. If I delete the certificate, I can get one of the activations to go away. I cannot convince your lovely security program to get rid of all my activations completely, installed or uninstalled. I've uninstalled, deleted certificates, and then reinstalled to the point of sheer frustration. On the bright side, least you and OOTP had that amicable split so that I didn't have to jump through hoops to get that game going. I probably would have broken my computer in half if I had had problems like this for two games and had gotten such wonderful responses from all the companies involved. (Well to be fair to Steam, they did get back to me. They said they didn't handle this and referred me to your FAQ, where it tells me to uninstall, delete the certificate, and reinstall. Useful that was. ) Please, I'm begging you, help, someone. This game is the biggest timesink and I don't mean it's addicting to play- I mean I've wasted days of my life trying to get my $35 purchase or whatever it was to work. Thanks in advance.
  2. alslammerzredux

    Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    It says it was activated twice within minutes of one another (I've only tried this on one computer though) and when I hit deactivate it laughed at me and said it was unable to deactivate. I tried deactivating them together, and each one individually to see if there was just one that was unable. Not so much, all three options gave me "unable to deactivate." Do I need to uninstall (I kept installing/uninstalling despite telling myself I'd wait) and then deactivate? Edit: Okay, tried uninstalling. One active running disappeared (the earlier of the two, so I'll assume that's the Steam authentication) but the other one is still "unable to deactivate." Which I guess means delete the certificate (again)? Which brings me back to square one of I followed that path and got nothing for my troubles. If it helps, to get the Soft Anchor to accept the download, I (on this install) did the phone activation, which seems to be the one that is un-deletable.
  3. alslammerzredux

    Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    Just decided on a whim to grab WSM09 since I had 06 or so back in the day and have started following the game again recently. So I download Steam, then buy the game. Install #1- Steam tells me to remember or write down the Activation code or hit copy to clipboard. I go with the copy to clipboard option and hit next. The soft anchor comes up- hit paste and then next for the Online Activation. That code is already in use. So I come to the forums. And I see the problem on page 1 of this thread and its solution. So I uninstall the game. I delete the files it tells me to delete. Heck, I delete all the SI folders. I reinstall. Results of Install #2- That code is already in use. Grr. So I uninstall. I delete everything again. I reboot the computer (as I skipped that step the last time.) I reinstall. Results of Install #3- That code is already in use. Double Grr. So without uninstalling, I delete that SI folder that the first page says to delete, the FM Certificate one, again. I hit the WSM icon on my desktop. I put the activation code in and look at that it works. Except for the fact that no screen actually comes up. Windows says WSM.exe is running though, despite the evidence to the contrary. This was the point where I gave up. I plan on making Install #4 the last install one way or the other. Please help. I have a new computer and I've been sorely tempted to take my frustrations out on it when I know it's not its fault. Running XP if that matters so it's not even a dreaded Vista problem. I'd love to play this game but after 6 hours of downloading a game that hasn't run yet, I'm a little weary on the idea. I also sent a ticket into Sega but I figured might as well go direct to the source. And since Steam's forum is useless, that was SI. And I verified the code (and copied it directly from Steam's little applet no less) so it's not a O=0 or I=1 problem or anything of that sort. What am I missing?