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  1. Something that must be fixed: make it possible to upload an earlier save into a new version of FM. I´m still playing FM08 and I will continue to for several more years since my save can´t be uploaded into a new FM version.
  2. As I understand it, the game engine has some kind of standard algorithm for deciding homegame advantage. But in real life, some clubs are much stronger playing at home that others. I think SI need to look into these statistics and present a more accurate representation of the advantage of playing at home vs. the disadvantage of playing away.
  3. It´s time to abandon this greedy, wasteful ridiculousness of yearly releases of basically the same game. Have annual downloadable database updates (for a fair price) and then release major new versions of the main game say every third or fourth year. Then people will have time to really play through each game for many seasons, the game will have time to get properly patched and finished and each new release will have major overhauls after being worked and improved on for years.
  4. I play an obsolete version of FM (FM 08), so this might have been solved by now. But I want the board in the lower leagues to be financially responsible. Why do they set a wage budget that will result in a loss of millions per season? And then blame me for the disastrous economy when the results are all in the red?
  5. I doubt there are facepacks for all players in obscure minor leagues. I don´t particularly enjoy playing big fish like Chelsea. I like my insignificant minnows. Anyway, I think important features should be included in the game, not something you should have to search around and download for yourself.
  6. I think the game should create computer generated faces not just for new made-up but for the actual, real players as well. The face-generator is robust enough to create a face similar to the actual person, so why not use that to benefit the immersion?
  7. Ability to used saved games from earlier versions of the game. It shouldn´t be impossible to be able to update the data from an earlier game into the current version. I think it would benefit SI since I assume many people wait to buy newer versions of the game because they have a long-running save game they don´t want to abandon. Isn´t the point of the game to play many seasons so the strategic planning and scouting really pays off? If I could use my beloved save with Swedish Laholm in FM 13, I might be able to abandon FM 08.
  8. I think the ratings are quite strange. In a 1-10 system, I think a rating of 5 means an average performance and not a poor one as the current system. If changed to my suggestion, it means you might also see ratings of 1-3 actually being used in the game.
  9. I play FM08 so my suggestion might be dated, but in the home/away stats section in the match-engine, I rarely take the time to look at all those stats since it is so time-consuming and tedious. How about if the game color-coded some very good/bad statistics for the squad? For example, if one player has very low passing accuracy in a game, he will get a red marking on that stat. If another player has made several key passes, this will indicated by a green marking for that stat. This will make it much easier to detect good/bad performances and to adjust your tactics accordingly.
  10. I play FM08 so this might have been improved long ago now, but it ****es me off how finances is handled, especially in the lower leagues. The board gives me a wage budget, and I keep my wages well within limit, but still the club is bleeding dry. And I, the manager, gets the blame for it!! Why are boards giving me wage budgets that the club cant afford? Why are I to blame for the bad economy if I stay within that budget? And how on earth is a lower league club surviving in real life if this game is supposed to be realistic? The way my finances are, I would have to sell all my players and replace them with youth and grey players to even break even. That is absurd! My lower leagues club is able to keep a semi-professional squads in real life, so there must be some incorrect estimations of income and expenses here.
  11. Maybe this has been fixed (I play FM08), but it ****es me off to see the absolutely horrid match analysis. The odds are ridiculous (I´m top in my league and it still says I "face the impossible" in every match). And the analysis of the match and the players is so shallow, repetitive and off the mark that it has no value whatsoever.
  12. I do, but not of protest of the newer versions or anything. Just a combination of FM08 being cheap, my computer old and that I only buy a new FM game with several years in between to get an entirely new experience with it.
  13. What´s the point in having the computer play the game for me? I want to make all the decisions; I just don´t want to do all boring "paperwork"...
  14. Maybe this has been changed now (I play FM08) but: The teamtalk is a major micromanagent time-sink. To do it properly you have to create note on effects for each match until you get a clue on how each player react. How about to make life a little easier, the game automatically created these notes for feedback on teamtalk for each player. Then we would be able to sort it through without having to do the incredibly tedious work ourselves!
  15. I think the computer-generated faces should be used even for real players (when no photo exists). Make them as close in appearance to the actual person as possible. It is much more fun to have a face on your players. My other suggestion might already be implemented since I haven´t played the newest versions, but use the 3D-match engine to generate the appearance of the players in question. With right hair and skin color, hair style and the right weight, shape and length, it would make the game more personal and you will connect more with your squad if you can instantly recognize them on the pitch.
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