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  1. Nostalgic

    After recently ditching my old laptop and getting a tablet, I downloaded fmh. In all truthfulness I wasn't, expecting it to be much cop......... Well how wrong was I, it feels like I have been in a time machine and gone back to the older cm games I used to lose half my life to. So kudos to all, and thanks for keeping my FM flame alive
  2. Brobs17 4-3-3 Patch 12.1.1

    Cheers, will give it a go.
  3. Brobs17 4-3-3 Patch 12.1.1

    Can anyone recommend/link a training schedule to try with this before i start a new game, would be appreciated
  4. Still loving this tactic, what training schedule would do you use? Heard raver bandied about but, can't find a link
  5. FM12 disc to macbook air

    Thank you very much for your help Eugene and Lucas much appreciated
  6. FM12 disc to macbook air

    Thanks for the reply, but neither of my PC 's with windows 7 seem to have that option EDIT: just seen an update to try
  7. I am just awaiting delivery of a 13" macbook air, now the only game i want on it is FM12. It has just dawned on me no DVD drive. And i have the actual disc i used for my PC. Can i somehow use the steam code on the manual to get it on the macbook, or is it a no go?
  8. Won 9 drawn 1 of my last ten games. Blackpool are back in the premiership..........thanks Mr Hough
  9. Not fluid by a long shot yet but......first match Blackpool 5 Ipswich 0 And loved watching the play, great start Mr Hough you may have just given FM12 the injection it needed for me
  10. BOOOOTIFUL if this works, then you will have satisfied my lust for strikers. Will let you know how your time and effort pans out.
  11. Incidentally next 5 games WWWWW if it carries on i will do a screenshot!!
  12. Well don't know how others are doing but, since i switched to this for my next season with blackpool it is nothing but WWWWW. A thing of beauty as i have used hough, brobs, fuss etc and now i have the best of all worlds. Thank you thank you for uploading this sir!!!
  13. hmmm Played 8 won 7 drawn 1 with v4.0b. Will update at end of the season but so far it is awesome, many thanks Fuss.
  14. Can i ask what seems to be the most reliable tactic of the genius mr fuss's, not used any yet so could be a treat