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  1. People will tell you that it's as a result of 'your tactics'.
  2. They actually dismissed my interest before hiring me a second time. I thought that I had missed my chance, so I attended a Scunthorpe match and that garnered some media attention. As a result, they offered me an interview.
  3. I've recently been hired as the Scunthorpe manager for the third time in three seasons, and I was wondering whether there was a limit. If not, how many times have you taken the same role?
  4. What is the point in even attending when you are guaranteed to demoralise some of your players? No matter which option I choose some players start getting all depressed for one reason or another. It's just a pointless feature.
  5. This guy is 16 and hasn't achieved anything in football, so why does he feel that he deserves a raise from £90 p/w to £1300 p/w? What is the point in valuing him at £65k if they want over £26m for him. How the hell does that make ANY sense? I've edited players to 200CA/PA and seen them leave for £900k (AI to AI), yet this player is nowhere near that level and they want stupid amounts for him. The transfer system is broken. Edit: The game doesn't recognise when you've been promoted. By this, I'm referring to players saying 'playing in Division 2' AFTER the season has ended and promotion has been secured.
  6. I won League 2 with Scunthorpe (who were 21st after 21 matches), but my job status keeps on declining. Not my job security (which is 72%), but my job status. Why is this?
  7. It's so demoralising when you win a league or trophy and get the message 'Real Madrid hope that Manager will keep celebrations to a minimum'. Like, could you sound more unenthusiastic? Even winning the Champions Cup yields a similar message.
  8. Why won't the board allow me to distribute more money towards the wage budget? I don't understand how them allowing me to have a transfer budget of £40m but only £400k in wages helps anyone. If I want to give myself more wages (at the expense of my transfer budget), allow me to. Edit: In addition, youth players are far too expensive. I was quoted £18m for an 18-year-old goalkeeper who hadn't even played a professional match. Where did they get that figure from?
  9. I'd imagine the maps under the 'Scouting' category. I'm not too sure, though.
  10. I won 4 in a row with Sheriff (Moldova) on FM12. It was a step by step process, but I don't think that should come as a shock to anyone. I'd imagine that it would be easy to complete with Zenit or Shakhtar.
  11. I complained about this feature a while back (FM 12, I believe) when one of my players missed. I'm amazed that it's still in the game.
  12. Players still don't learn the language quickly enough. Timo Werner has been in Spain for over 700 days and doesn't even have a basic understanding yet. Luke Shaw is the same after 500+ days. I'd understand if we were speaking about Russian, but Spanish really isn't that difficult to learn. Please fix this.
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