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  1. welll, @Rob Heckmani dont really need help anymore, just informing you
  2. @Rob Heckman so, it seems that what is bugged is the Extra Curricular stuff, because i started a new save and had the same issue as before, but as soon as I decided to stop caring about it and stopped the Extra Curricular training it start going up, so MAAAAAAAAAYYYYBE you got it working backwards? cheers
  3. and i also noticed that i got no brexit (im nottingham forest) and im already in March, not even a single news about it @Rob Heckman
  4. well, it being january already, me using the exact same tactic from the start and doing teamwork training EVERY week should make it go over Average...
  5. its been like this for a very long time, i believe its working has intended
  6. uploading now, file name will be Paulo Fino - Nottm Forest.fm done
  7. so, before i go insane thinking this is a bug and my save is done. please do tell me, im managing Nottingham Forest, its December, i train teamwork and the extra curricular activities every week but my Match cohesion wont go above red average. iss this a bug or am i missing something? my beta save i have match cohesion at max in september... cheers in advance
  8. found a "solution" you have to delete the "copy of selection" view you have, then thhe view you loaded will stay
  9. everytime i startu up FM i have to reload my custom squad view... any way to make it stick?
  10. virtually any tactic works with big clubs in the beta... try it with fulham, leicester, blackpool
  11. yeah, the team im managing i get sacked if i lose 2 games in a row, no matter how good things are...
  12. i remember a few years back that Del Neri was sacked from Porto before even doing a friendly game IRL so i think that its not that abnormal
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