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  1. seems like the per annum value is set to actually be full contract, either a bug or bad wording https://prnt.sc/pxrz31 https://prnt.sc/pxryzr
  2. new patch made streaming the game a joke... i use GPU encoding on a 1080TI, always have, works great on every game, now with new FM patch i get encodiing lag, frame drops and the matches stutter, even on low graphics
  3. like i said, no, i keep 1 save, so i cant send you the file to where this happened ive got reports from viewers that similar club, Porto, is working fine, with a 3 star player being enough but i guess because Benfica won 5 of the last 6 leagues it skyrockets the player reputation needed
  4. i did this and thats how i found that i could only sign 14 players in the world, David Villa did not fit the club policy at season 1
  5. im sorry to tell you but i scouted a ton of players, david silva didnt not meet the requierement, Buffon, same, only 14 players out of 100 high top world players fitted
  6. not a new board take over, just new season and they demand that policy, im now managing vitoria Setubal, i believe that the game is taking into account club reputation but totally forgetting league reputation
  7. sure, will happen agian because new board on the new club just added that vision and im a 3 star reputation team with 50k transfer budget XD
  8. same reputation is 4 stars, mbappe is 4 stars, and i dont have the save file, i have continued the save adn i'm now at another club after scouted those players i mentioned are the only ones that go towards the philosophy, even David Silva doesnt go toward the philosophy, or Buffon, i tried
  9. got sacked for not signing high profile players, only 14 players in the world fit that description, there is no way Benfica can sign Mbappe, Ronaldo, Neymar, Messi, Curtois....
  10. Summary: individual traning not working on B team Description of Issue: despite being selected as the one responsible for individual training on U19, U23 and B team, i can only set the individual training for the U19 and u23
  11. found a "solution" you have to delete the "copy of selection" view you have, then thhe view you loaded will stay
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