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  1. The download doesn't work anymore Can anyone share it ? Cheers!
  2. I've tried the tactic with Udinese since the winterbreak because my own tactic was easily countered by the AI. Took me 2 games to get fully fluid to it (was already playing a similar 4-2-3-1) and then my team started playing very well. What I do notice though is that my attacking 3 (Left / Right / Striker) get very little balls and also very few shots on goal. What kind of striker would you recommend playing the advanced forward role? I tried Di Natale but he rarely gets into good scoring positions so I let him play AML since hes more right footed. I also tried Alexis Sanchez(lightning quick) which went fairly well when he gets a few good through balls but other than that he rarely gets any ballcontacts. Is this any different with your game with Arsenal Llama ? Also noticed that when not picking defensive positioning with match preparation I leak goals ALOT. Still trying to figure out why though. Thinking about picking one defender as cover since hes quick(Zapata) Cheers. Enjoying the football the tactic is producing so far !
  3. Hi Luca, One thing I noticed is that sometimes my DMC moves too high up the pitch with attacks and the whole midfield is empty, do you have that problem too? I play standard and mixed runs forward so I don't think its because of his mentality, neither does he have a PPM. Cheers
  4. Hey Lucatonix, great work so far I really enjoy your screenshots and explanation. Quick question though; would you say the wingers always need the cut inside ability to free up space for our backs to push up or could they be employed as normal wingers who move into channels ?
  5. Do we need to install your first and second update aswell to get everything or will the third one suffice ? Cheers for the work
  6. Ah right. Didnt see that. Thanks Falahk, I'll try out V1 / V2 then when I get home
  7. Hi Vu Duc, Do you think it's possible to convert this tactic to the new tactics creater of FM? So with the option of player roles like "poacher", "advanced playmaker" etc. Thx in advance, DDWZ
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