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  1. However I realize that this is all slightly off-topic and I apologize.
  2. Herbert Fandel: I understand completely how Star Ratings work. As a matter of fact I follow your opinions in GD and agree with the majority of them. Much like Hand of God I think you do a good service for FM fans on this forum. Stars Ratings don't cause me confusion because a) I understand how they work and b) I don't like them, so I don't use them. My main issue with them is that they drastically oversimplify the idea of player ability, which seems to run counter to the rest of FM when it comes to judging performances and attributes. Add that to the fact that for many people the relativity of the star ratings is counter-intuitive. They would rather a player's the star ratings were relative to the whole world, rather than to just their squad.
  3. Personally I think Star Ratings are a terrible introduction that add nothing and cause much confusion.
  4. Personally I'm in love with them, in real life and in FM. I'm not too fond of the vanilla settings so I have mine as follows: Mentality: 8-12 Creative Freedom: 15-18 Roam From Position: Yes Closing Down: 10-12 Marking: Zonal Tight Marking: No Passing Style: 8-15 Run From Deep: Sometimes Run With Ball: Sometimes/Often Long Shots: Sometimes Through Balls: Sometimes/Often Cross Ball: Rarely/Sometimes Cross From: Deep Cross Aim: Mixed Wide Play: Cut Inside Hold Up Ball: Yes > Set to Playmaker! < Very often with some combination of the above they're my most effective players. When searching for DLPs I mainly look for: Passing (16+) First Touch (16+) Composure (14+) Creativity (14+) Decisions (14+) Technique (14+) Teamwork (14+) Dribbling (14+) Agility (12+) Anticipation (12+) Crossing (10+)
  5. I personally prefer narrow formations with attacking wingbacks. They're key players in my teams as they can exploit the space left by the opposition retreating when your team is in the ascendency. By replacing the function of wingers, they also allow me to have more midfielders and dominate possession in the middle; or even afford me an extra forward. Imo Fullbacks don't offer a great deal of protection (unless they're exceptionally defensively talented) and most of the protection they do offer from crosses can usually be ignored so long as you have a pair of tall and intelligent defenders. Typical formation (4-4-2 Diamond): ////////////////GK(D)///////////////// ///////////BPD(X)//BPD©/////////// //WB(M)//////DLP(S)///////WB(M)// //////////CM(A)////BWM(S)///////// ////////////////AM(S)//////////////// ///////////P(A)//////TQ(S)//////////
  6. I select and scout players based solely on attributes and play them wherever and however I think they're suited. Learning familiarity with their position is merely a minor annoyance. Personally I think the idea of players having a 'natural' position is a nonsense. In-game, a player's 'natural' position is usually whatever they happen to be playing recently - yet you can't learn a natural position. In real life player's trade positions over the course of their careers as their game develops. Evra started out as a striker, but ended up a LB. Thierry Henry started out a winger, but few would argue against his ability as a striker. David Luiz is nominally a CB, but a lot of pundits argue that his best position is DM, and indeed his characteristic playing style would seem to lend credence to that. Ideally I think players should have four values related to position & role: 1) Familiarity with Position, 2) Familiarity with Role, 3) Preferred Position(s), 4) Preferred Role(s).
  7. I ask because the current crop are laughably easy to overcome with good tactics. The over-utilized 4-4-2 and 4-2-3-1 Denmark are especially prone to decimation.
  8. Hello, I have made a custom league structure, but am struggling to get it to function. Tier 3 has 1x 32 teams, from which 12 are relegated. Tier 4 has 4 x 16 teams. From each league 1st and 2nd placed finishers are automatically promoted, while 3rd-6th placed contest for the final promotion place (i.e. like the Championship). --- The problem is that no Automatic 'Promotions' value for the main Tier 4 division will satisfy the game If I put '8' (the number of automatic promotion slots in all sub-divisions) or '12' (the total number of promotions slots in all sub-divisions) it complains that there is a discrepancy with Sub-Division A. If I put '2' (the number of automatic promotion slots in each sub-division) or '3' (the total number of promotion slots per sub-division) it complains that the value isn't divisible by the number of sub-divisions in Tier 4. --- Any ideas? :confused:
  9. He is the most tackled player in the league. When other players are snapping at your ankles all season it's bound to take a toll
  10. I also CRTL + S after every game, but I'd like to see the feature nevertheless because it's easy to forget and would save me having to CTRL + S every time.
  11. I tend to be more off put by the significant increase in the 17-20 range of attributes. They start off from a -rightfully- low base in 2012. Thus the increase in some cases by 200%> feels very jarring
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