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  1. Saying that the AI does not cheat you mean that the game does not know which the human controlled team is?
  2. Sorry but i have no idea how to quote in here zeusbheld:i think it's more a matter of toning down the number of shots to a realistic level; can't think of too many games where a team got 20-30 shots. I mostly reffer to situations where you dominate the game and AI wins the match with 1 shot , it can happened but not again and again like in fm2007.More efficiency will remove the annoyance zeusbheldsorta like happened with owen hargreaves right? not a good idea BUT something needs to be done about those stupid, repetitive, useless queries. Keep on clicking for sales, loans is a waste of time, if the player likes to move in another club that wants him he can always politely ask you for it or just he will not extent his contruct. zeusbheldi think it is skewed a bit wherein both your scouts (if you have good ones) and the other teams get a good idea of how much potential a player has. but i don't think there's an imbalance wherein the human player needs to be granted special favors, it's easy enough as it is to find and sign good players. Player should not have special favor neither should AI , have you ever see Valencia signing a PA 130 player? i have never see that when in reality it happents all the time , not to mention your scouts prefering worthless poo over real talented youngsters. zeusbheldwell if you don't KNOW they're pa 70 then they make the game more interesting. but only if the AI teams don't know they'll grow up to be crap as well. Again AI getting advantage is the issue but i prefer not getting any youngster from getting C serie Mongolian League future stars, dont give them to AI either. zeusbheldwhy???? Because i hate to reload games i lost because AI cheated the hell out of me and because i am not sure that the "freebies" and the "super AI goalies" will be fixed zeusbheldnot sure what purpose that'd serve. Somewhere to spend the money you earn as a coach, mostly flavor zeusbheldthey shouldn't be eliminated--they do happen--but toned down a bit. my team rarely give up the Stupid Freebie but if i'm going to win (or lose) cheaply i'd rather win (or lose) on an official's largesse than on a stupid backpass own goal etc. I think this will make the game more realistic, no freebies either for you or the AI , "put your goalie to long pass" is not realistic way to solve things . zeusbheldagree but not completely, i'd like to see it happen occasionally but more in line with reality. never heard of south american or concacaf players missing the champs' league final because of some international obligation. Try Greek league, after the 3rd year top club's player s( i do mean all of them not injured)miss 2nd fixture because of "all star game" , the thing with the mexicans happened to other leagues as well.I know this is not realistic but they never seem to fix it since CM1998 zeusbheldno high-reputation players should refuse to sign for crap teams even if they're unemployed. it is not perfect now but it's way better than in the first version of 2k6 wherein harry kewell at age 29 or so signed for my league 1 side. surely he could have found better employment than that. It is employment versus unempoyment, i mean players who have no contruct offers thank you for the reply Sir And something else, only clubs in the stock market pay dividents and only if they have profits, losing 1/3 of your money into a black hole is nice for a sci-fi game but not for a soccer manager.
  3. 1.All "greys " should have ability of 1 and single digit abilities , no more "uber grays" for big clubs. 2.Seriously tone down AI goalkeepers.No more 10 saves in a game. 3. Unavailable for transfer means AI will not bid no matter what. 4.Tone down AI scouting system so it is possible for big clubs to sing potential crap or make PA CA visible to human players. 5.Don't regenerate crappy youngsters , PA 70 players will never play in any European club, not even in Malta , stop waisting my save/load time and HDD space. 6.Replay match button , no reload required. 7.Option to own a club, i hate to be judged by stupid AI owners. 8.More versalite tactics , "tone down tempo to score more goals" it is funny but annoying. 9.Eliminate freebies , no more stupid passing & goalie dribbling infront of opposition's strikers . 10.Realistic prices for all players , 5m to buy a player from Finland? since when? 11.Since you have no idea how to set up the calendar so you will not miss all your players because of "all star game" or starting CL final using grays because your Mexican CDs have to play a CONCAFF game : Whenever an international game (or other) is set at the same date with a club's match all players play for the club, international appearances only on free dates. 12.Unemployed players with no bids do sing up for your team instead of waiting ages for someone to sign them. thank you for your space.
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