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  1. I have downloaded multiple training schedules for individual areas, eg. gk, defence,att etc. It seems I can only select each schedule individually by player. Is it possible to do it by group selection, eg. Attackers. PS. New to this training schedule stuff
  2. Great career!!! Been at Boca for a while, surprised you have not moved. Tough draw in the WC. Have Hoffenheim had the same manager for a while?? Thought they would at least offered you a second job offer.
  3. Surprised that David Gill is still there at Man Utd. Must be in his 70s!!!
  4. What a great career!!!! Loved reading it!! Not sure if anyone has pointed it out, but Lyon have won the French League for every single season!! The Swedish league is inconsistent in terms of successful teams, which makes it more interesting!! Can't believe they didn't name the new stadium after you!!!
  5. When your out or at work, and hear or see the words 'Football Manager' your mind starts a countdown as to when you can continue playing it again.
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