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  1. FM20.4.1WARPIGSKnapRober41212P106ECCCMUP100Euro is my favourite 131177402_FM20.4.1WARPIGSKnapRober41212P106ECCCMUP100Euro.fmf
  2. No one seems to use WARPIGS 41212 P106 EC CC MU P100 Euro tactic in their tests but for me its been my most successful and consistent tactic - recommend it to anyone WARPIGS 41212 P106 EC CC MU P100 Euro 131177402_FM20.4.1WARPIGSKnapRober41212P106ECCCMUP100Euro.fmf
  3. There are two strikers in the formation i use. And they both score. The AF scores the most, and i find that if you have a striker with PPM "Like to beat the offside trap" then all the better. The tweak is attached to my OP
  4. FM20.3.0TeaforOneAM4231P105ALLCUPS still my favourite and would be recommendation for anyone with a Sub-top and above team - have played with lots of different tactics but i always come back to this one. The only changes i have made to the original is to drop the defensive line back 1 notch and updated the SP throw in's. The original i found that we conceded too frequently on the ball over the top !!FM20.3.0Teafor One4222VOL2P100ALLCUPS-L-D+TSP.fmf
  5. Totally agree, for me !!FM20.3.0Teafor One4222VOL2P100ALLCUPS is the best on this latest patch - score lots of goals, nice to watch and defensively solid!
  6. Biggest issue is the amount of CCC's and goals that it gives up. Need to find a way to be a bit tighter at the back
  7. Im finding that i create lots of CCC and half chances but that my teams conversion rate of those chances is woeful
  8. Im definitely interested, my 4-3-3 that was awesome in previous patch is defensively terrible these days, especially away from home. How is the possession with your tactic? I have been experimenting with a 4-1-2-2-1, which is nice but i find although we're winning my creation of CCC's is not great, lots of half chances. But i prefer a 4-3-3 attack minded formation and am definitely interested to see if you can help me resolve my issues of possession, defence and bringing my left striker more into the game as i find that no matter who plays there its a hit and miss. So when can we expect to
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